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Committee on Medical Liability and Risk Management


The Committee on Medical Liability and Risk Management (COMLRM) is a group of pediatricians appointed by the AAP Board of Directors to address emerging medicolegal issues affecting pediatrics. These are nationally recognized experts in risk management, professional liability insurance and trends in medical malpractice claims.

Our Mission is to support the mission of the American Academy of Pediatrics through education and advocacy on issues that arise at the interface of medicine and law.

Our Vision is optimal pediatric care in an informed environment that protects children and minimizes medical-legal risks.

The Committee on Medical Liability and Risk Management is committed to:

  • Authoring  Medicolegal Issues in Pediatrics, 7th edition, the AAP manual on key legal issues confronting pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists - an essential resource for pediatric practices. 

  • Providing practical risk management advice each month in AAP News.

  • Educating pediatricians on risk management and loss prevention strategies at the NCE.

  • Alerting members to common causes of malpractice actions.

  • Guiding and analyzing research on the medical liability experience of pediatrics.

  • Equipping pediatricians (especially those just starting out) to make sure they have adequate and continuous professional liability insurance throughout their careers.

  • Reforming medical liability tort system to be just and fair to physicians and those harmed by medical errors.  

Helping Pediatricians Cope With Stress of Being Sued. 

  1. What you need to know when your're being sued

  2. If you are sued, support to handle stress, understand litigation process

Articulating AAP Policy on Medicolegal Issues.