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Weaning from the Bottle

Getting your child to give up his bottle can be challenging, but the AAP recommends weaning before 18 months of age. Otherwise, prolonged bottle use can cause tooth decay and may encourage your child to drink much more milk than he needs. When your baby reaches one year, start substituting a cup for his midday bottle. You can try a training cup with a spout, or put small amounts of liquid in a regular cup. Be patient - it may take a few weeks for him to figure out how to use the cup properly. Then start to eliminate the evening and morning bottles. Save the bedtime bottle for last, since it’s often the most difficult for your child to give up. By the time he turns one, his body should no longer require anything to eat or drink during the night - although he may briefly, and loudly, disagree. Your pediatrician can answer any questions you may have about weaning your child from his bottle.  

​The above script is part of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) radio series 'A Minute for Kids,' which airs weekdays on WBBM-AM in Chicago, IL.

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