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West Nile Virus

Many parts of the United States are entering the rainy season. That can mean a lot of standing water. And standing water means mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are annoying, but they can also be carriers of diseases including West Nile Virus. Most cases of West Nile Virus are mild with few symptoms. Other times symptoms may include: fever, headache and body aches. Some cases include a mild rash and swollen lymph glands. Doctors believe that once a person gets West Nile Virus and recovers that person develops lifelong immunity. To prevent West Nile Virus - stop mosquitoes from biting. Insect repellents containing DEET with a concentration of up to 30 percent are effective in preventing mosquito bites. A few more tips for staying bite-free this summer. Rid your yard of standing water where mosquitoes can breed. If possible, dress children in long sleeves and pants when outside at dawn or dusk.

​The above script is part of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) radio series 'A Minute for Kids,' which airs weekdays on WBBM-AM in Chicago, IL.
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