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Key Partnerships

The AAP is expanding its partnerships every day. Here you can find information about our key partnerships in global immunizations.
  • United Nations Foundation
  • ONE
  • Global Polio Partners Group
    • The Global Polio Partners Group is the partners' group of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) This group serves as the stakeholder voice for the polio program and aims to foster greater engagement among polio-affected countries, donors, and other partners with the objective of utilizing their political, communications, programmatic, and financial capabilities to ensure GPEI has the necessary political commitment and financial resource to reach the goal of polio eradication.  This is a new group started in 2012 and the Academy was invited to take part.  We are active members of this group which accomplishes its work through teleconferences and face to face meetings.
  • Measles and Rubella Initiative