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Who We Are As A Council

​Dr. David Hill, COCM Chair, explains the va​​lue of COCM membership. See more member videos below.

​​The Council on Communications and Media (COCM) welcomes all Academy members who have an interest and commitment to enhancing their own ability and the ability of other pediatricians to effectively use and/or understand the media to improve child health and promote pediatrics by sharing experiences, strategies, successes, and failures.

Furthermore, our patients and their families are overwhelmingly exposed to media, and so much so that media exposure has become a public health issue. The Council strives to influence what messages the media send to children as well as how to teach children and families how to analyze those messages.

The COCM aims to amplify the voice of the Academy both locally and nationally and serves as a resource for health care professionals, parents, and health journalists by providing the information they need regarding media-related issues and how these relate to children's overall health and well-being. The COCM  achieves this goal through policy development and dissemination, education, professional networking and development, and community outreach and advocacy.

We encourage you to join us if you are interested in working with or as part of the media or on the impact of media issues on children.The COCM has a number of venues for Member communication, including a LISTSERV. 

See videos by COCM pediatricians promoting membership in the Council 

​AAP Members:  Click here for membership criteria or apply for membership now. 

Affiliate members: View membership criteria and apply here.

If you are involved in media-related activities, we'd love to hear from you! Email with any ideas, comments and updates of your activities.