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Benaroch, Dr. Roy - PediatricInsider    

Berchelmann, Dr. Kathleen -

Bhatia, Dr.Tasneem - DrTazMD

Boyd, Dr. Rhea - Rhea.MD

Brown, Dr. Ari - Baby 411

Calandro, Dr. MIndy - The Mommy Doctor

Dougé, Dr. Jacqueline

Friedman, Dr. Jaime

Gupta, Dr. Rupal -

Hill, Dr. David - Likelihood Ratio

Kind, Dr. Terry - Mothers in Medicine

Kind, Dr. Terry - Pediatric Career

Land, Dr. Kate - KP Thriving Families

Lawton, Dr. Gregory - A Musing PedIatrician

Lovlie, Dr. Kathleen - PracticalParentingAdvice   

Meade, Dr. Elizabeth -   

Miya, Dr. Glenn - Smart Health with Dr. Glenn

Patrick, Dr. Mike - PediaCast

Pointer, Dr. Ivy - Young I. V.

Rich, Dr. Michael - Ask The Mediatrician

Rich, Dr. Michael - Center on Media and Child Health

Roman, Dr. Heidi - My Two Hats

Rudnick, Dr. Chad - All Things Pediatric

Shifrin, Dr. Don - mykidsdoc

Shu, Dr. Jennifer - Dr. Shu Says

Silva, Dr. Nancy - Dr. Silva: Tots, Tweens & Teens

Smith, Dr. Gayle - The DrDownload Blog

Smolen, Dr. Paul - Portable Practical Pediatrics   

Swanson, Dr. Wendy Sue - Seattle Mama Doc

Swenson, Dr. Jeanine - Trying to Help Families, One Story at a Time

Wall, Dr. Timothy - Pediatric Health Associates Blog​

Yeh, Dr. Joannie -


Altmann, Dr. Tanya 

Bhatia, Dr. Tasneem - Atlanta Center for Holistic & Integrative Medicine

Bhargava, Dr. Hansa - WebMD

Brown, Dr. Ari - 411Pediatrics​  

Calandro, Dr. Mindy - The Mommy Doctor

Christakis, Dr. Dimitri - Make TV Work

Cross, Dr. Cori​​

DiMaggio, Dr. Dina  - Pediatricians Guide  ​

Feiten, Dr. Dan - GreenwoodPediatrics   

GiaQuinta, Dr. Tony- IndyPedsDoc   ​

Hayes, Dr. S. Chad​

Hill, Dr. David -

Hubbard, Dr. Sue - The Kid's Doctor​ 

Levine, Dr. Alanna

Lovlie, Dr. Kasey - Practical Parenting Advice

Mehrotra, Dr. Naveen - My Whole Child ​

Miya, Dr. Glenn - Smart Health with Dr. Glenn

Moreno, Dr. Megan - Social Media and Adolescent Health Research Team - SMAHRT

Morgan, Dr. Ju​stin​    

Mulligan, Dr. Deborah - Institute for Child Health Policy

Neuman, Dr. Karl - Kids Travel Doc

Pont, Dr. Stephen - Texas Center for the Prevention & Treatment of Childhood Obesity

Rich, Dr. Michael - Center on Media and Child Health

Rudnick, Dr. Chad - BocaVIPediatrics​

Shu, Dr. Jennifer

Smith, Dr. Gayle - Partners in Pediatrics​

Smith, Dr. Justin - CheckupNe​wsroom     ​

Smolen, Dr. Paul  - DocSmo Portable Practical Pediatrics​

Strasburger, Dr. Victor    ​

Swanson, Dr. Wendy Sue - Mama Doc Medicine

Wall, Dr. Timothy - Pediatric Health Asso​ciates

Wolynn, Dr. Todd - Kids Plus Pediatrics


Altmann, Dr. Tanya - Twitter

Altmann, Dr. Tanya - Facebook

Ameenuddin, Dr. Nusheen - Namd4kids - Twitter  

Arca, Dr. Melissa - Confessions of a Dr. Mom - Facebook

Benaroch, Dr. Roy - PedInsider - T​witter    ​

Berchelmann, Dr. Kathleen - Mom Doc Kathleen - Twitter

Boyd. Dr. Rhea - RheaBoydMD​ - Twitter​

Brown, Dr. Ari - Expecting 411 - Facebook  

Brown, Dr. Ari - Baby 411 - Twitter  ​

Calandro, Dr. Mindy - Themommydoctor - Facebook

Calandro, Dr. Mindy - Themommydoctor - Twitter

Chomilo, Dr. Nathan - Facebook

Chomilo, Dr. Nathan - Twitter

Feiten, Dr. Dan - GreenwoodPediatrics - Facebook  ​

Friedman, Dr. Jaime - Facebook

Friedman, Dr. Jaime - Twitter 

GiaQuinta, Dr. Tony - IndPedsDoc - Twitter​   

Gupta, Dr. Rupal - doc2mom - Twitter

Gupta, Dr. Rupal - doc2mom - Facebook

Hanna-Attisha, Dr. Mona - Twitter​

Hayes, Dr. Chad - Facebook

Hayes, Dr. Chad - Twitter

Hill, Dr. David - Dad to Dad - Facebook

Hill, Dr. David - Dad to Dad - Twitter​

Hill, Dr. David - Twitter

Hubbard, Dr. Sue - TheKidsDoctor - Twitter

Kind, Dr. Terry - Kind4Kids - Twitter

Kumar, Dr. Anika - Freckledpedidoc-Twitter ​

Land, Dr. Kate - KP Kiddoc - Twitter

Land, Dr. Kate - MD Mom Musings - Twitter

Lawton, Dr. Gregory - A Musing Pediatrician - Facebook

Lawton, Dr. Gregory - Amusingpedsdoc - Twitter

Lee, Dr. Stephanie - Stephleemd - Twitter

Linton, Dr. Julie - Twitter

Lovlie, Dr. Kasey - Twitter​

Mattke, Dr. Angie - Twitter

Meade, Dr. Elizabeth - Facebook​

Meade, Dr. Elizabeth - Twitter​​

Mehrotra, Dr. Naveen - My Whole Child - Facebook

Mehrotra, Dr. Naveen - My Whole Child - Twitter​

Miya, Dr. Glenn - Smart Health with Dr. Glenn - Facebook

Moore, Dr. John E. - Twitter

Mooriani, Dr. Jean - Twitter

Moreno, Dr. Megan - SMAHRTeam - Facebook   

Moreno, Dr. Megan - SMAHRTeam - Twitter  

Morgan, Dr. Justin - Twitter​                            

Murray, Dr. Elizabeth - DocElizabethMurray - Fac​ebook

Murray, Dr. Elizabeth - DocEMuray - Twitter      

Patrick, Dr. Mike - Pediacast - Facebook

Patrick, Dr. Mike - Pediacast - Twitter

Pham, Dr. Linh - Twitter

Pointer, Dr. Ivy - Young I.V. - Facebook

Rich, Dr. Michael - Center on Media and Child Health - Facebook

Rich, Dr. Michael - Center on Media and Child Health - Twitter

Roman, Dr. Heidi - My Two Hats - Facebook

Roman, Dr. Heidi - Twitter

Rudnick, Dr. Chad - BocaVIPediatrics - Facebook

Rudnick, Dr. Chad - BocaVIPediatrics - Twitter

Selkie, Dr. Ellen - Twitter  

Shifrin, Dr. Don - Dr-Don - Twitter​​  ​

Shu, Dr. Jennifer - Twitter 

Silva, Dr. Nancy - Dr. Silva Tots, Tweens and Teens -Facebook

Smith, Alyson - Twitter

Smith, Dr. Gayle - Facebook  

Smith, Dr. G​ayle - Partners in Pediatrics - Facebook

Smith, Dr. Gayle - Twitter 

Smith, Dr. Justin - TheDocSmitty - Facebook 

Smith, Dr. Justin - TheDocSmitty - Twitter   ​    

Smolen, Dr. Paul - Practical Portable Pediatrics - Facebook​

Smolen, Dr. Paul - DocSmo - Twitter​

Stager, Dr. Margaret - Twitter ​ 

Swanson, Dr. Wendy Sue - Seattle Mama Doc -Twitter​

Swenson, Dr. Jeanine - Twitter

Wiese, Dr. Danielle - Facebook

Wolynn, Dr. Todd - Facebook

Wolynn, Dr. Todd - Twitter

Yates, Dr. Amber - Sicklecelldoc - Twitter  ​

Yeh, Dr. Joannie - BetaMomma - Twitter

Yun, Dr. Kate - Twitter


​Berchelmann, Dr. Kathleen​Weekly columns on pediatrics and parenting for the St Louis Children's Hospital blog
Frequent contributor to Fox News' Happening Now, and St. Louis Fox & NBC stations
Monthly online Q & A forum on - Contributor to RadioMD
Has written for St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Chicago Tribune, TIME magazine
2014 Doximity Fellow - selecting and analyzing medical literature

​Calandro, Dr. Mindy​Biweekly spot on Baton Rouge WBRZ ​

​Feiten, Dr. Dan 

Medical Edito​r for

​Gupta, Dr. Rupal ​Medical Editor for Nemours 
​Hubbard, Dr. Sue​Weekly half hour talk/news/parenting show on KTXD Dallas and in other TX markets - 11AM Tuesdays ​

Has Mobile app (free) The Kids Doctor​​

​Lee, Dr. Stephanie​Assistant Managing editor Mochi Magazine
​Miya, Dr. GlennPodcasts 
Regular Contributor to Los Angeles CBS radio KNX 1070
​Patrick, Dr. Mike​Host of PediaCast: a pediatric podcast for parents
Official podcast of Nationwide Children's Hospital
PediaBytes on iHeartRadio 
(PediaBytes are short-segment clips
from PediaCast)
Regular contributor to the 700 Children's Blog - the official blog of Nationwide Children'sPage 12 of 14

​Pointer, Dr. Ivy​Rap Parodies with AAP messaged available on YouTube​
​Reid-Chassiakos, Dr. Yolanda​Medical consultant/reporter for At A Glance Talk Radio
​Swanson, Dr.Wendy Sue ​Weekly spots on King 5 News Seattle (NBC affiliate):
Regular columns on Huffington Post
Recurring guest on RadioMD


+ Published by the AAP
+ Adolescent Medicine: State of the Art Reviews
   December 2014
   Volume 25 Issue 3
   Social Networking & New Technologies
   Editors: Victor Strasburger
   Megan Moreno

+ Baby 411
   Clear Answers and Smart Advice for Your Baby's First Year: The Ultimate Guidebook for Getting Into Medical School
   7th Edition
   Ari Brown and Denise Fields

+ Can Doesn't Mean Should
   Essential Knowledge for 21st Century Parents
   Paul Smolen

+ Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5 
   6th Edition
   Editor: Steven Shelov
   Associate Editor: Tanya Altmann

   Children, Adolescents, and the Media
   3rd Edition
   Victor Strasburger, ​Barbara Wilson, Amy Jordan

+ Dad to Dad
   Parenting Like a Pro
   David Hill

+​ El Cuidado de su Bebé y Niño Pequeño 3rd edition    
    Steven S Shelov
   Tanya Remer Altmann Associate Editor​​
Expecting 411
   The Insider's Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth
   3rd Edition
   Michelle Hakakha and Ari Brown

+ Food Fights
   Winning the Nutritional Challenges of Parenthood Armed With Insight, Humor, and a Bottle of Ketchup
   2nd Edition
   Laura Jana/Jennifer Shu

  Giggle More, Worry Less: A Pediatrician's Thoughts for New Parents
  Greg Parkinson

+ Heading Home With Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality
   3rd Edition
   Laura Jana/Jennifer Shu

+ Mama Doc Medicine
   Finding Calm and Confidence in Parenting, Child Health, and Work-Life Balance
   Wendy Sue Swanson

+ Managing Chronic Health Needs in Child Care and Schools
   Editors: Elaine Donoghue and Colleen Kraft

+ Mommy Calls
   Dr. Tanya Answers Parents’ Top 101 Questions About Babies and Toddlers
   Tanya Altmann

+ Pediatric Nutrition
   7th Edition
   Editors: Ronald Kleinman and Frank Greer

+ Practical Parenting
   An Un-Politically Correct Guide from the Trenches
   Kathleen Lovlie

+ Red Book
   2012 Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases
   29th Edition
   Editor: Larry Pickering
   Associate Editors: Carol Baker, David Kimberlin, Sarah Long

+ The Big Book of Symptoms: A-Z Guide to Your Child’s Health
   Editors: Steven Shelov and Shelly Flais

   The Elephant in the Living Room
   Make Television Work For Your Kids
   Dimitri Christakis and Frederick Zimmerman
   Make TV Work

+ The Picky Eater Project
   6 Weeks to Happier, Healthier Family Mealtimes
   Natalie Digate Muth and Sally Sampson

+The Ultimate Guidebook for Getting Into Medical School
  Chad Rudnick

   Toddler 411
   Clear Answers & Smart Advice For Your Toddler
   5th Edition
   Ari Brown and Denise Fields
   What to Feed your Baby
   A Pediatrician's Guide for Raising a Veggie-Loving, Healthy-Eating Kid
   Tanya Altmann

+ Your Baby’s First Year
   4th Edition
   Editor: Steven Shelov