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About Us

The Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness will support and encourage optimal and safe physical activity in the pediatric population and ensure that pediatric providers are prepared to provide the highest level of sports medicine guidance and care for their patients.

The Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness is to be viewed as the leader in the provision of sports medicine care for youth in order to maximize health-related physical fitness, physical activity, and the benefits of sport for all children and adolescents.

Vision Concepts
The Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness will reach pediatricians, health care practitioners, allied health professionals, as well as coaches, parents, and children through the development of
  • educational programs,
  • policy statements and reports,
  • resident education, 
  • collaborative partnerships,
  • media outreach,
  • advocacy work,
  • awards to support and encourage research, and implementation projects.

Member Benefits
  • Two newsletters per year for Council members with past newsletters available online.
  • SportsMed Listserv® is a one-way e-mail list that is used by AAP staff to alert members with important AAP announcements.
  • COSMFDisc Listserv® is designed for group discussions on sports medicine practice issues or other sports medicine hot topics. This Listserv® encourages Council members to share their collective knowledge exchanging information and ideas.
  • Council members are also eligible to submit abstracts to the COSMF annual program held in conjunction with the AAP National Conference & Exhibition (NCE).
  • Council members have the opportunity to become more involved in educational program development, research, and policy development through the Council. Each year the Council hosts a full day educational session and business meeting held in conjunction with the NCE to which members are welcome to attend. 
  • Sports Medicine Update is a quarterly publication that provides members with evidenced based articles, continuing medical education courses, and other pertinent sports medicine information.

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