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Telehealth Care

Section Membership is open to the following Member types:
Fellows, Specialty Fellows, Senior Member, Corresponding Fellows, Honorary Fellows, Candidate Members, Resident Members, International Members, National Affiliate Members, and Post-Residency Training Members

  • Section Dues:  Resident Members-$10*, All other national member types-$25*.  Affiliate Members-$60.

    * In addition to National Dues

Affiliate Membership
  • Non-physician personnel actively involved in telehealth care in a pediatric practice, hospital, or call center providing pediatric services may join the Section as an affiliate member (e.g., telephone triage nurses, clinical nurse administrators, quality improvement managers, directors of call centers, risk management specialists, or medical practice managers).
Affiliate Applicants must submit:
  • Application form
  • One letter of support from a Fellow who is a member of the Section
  • A copy of his or her license or certification, if applicable.

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