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The Section on Hospital Medicine (SOHM) was approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Board of Directors in June 1999 and held its first formal section meeting in October 2000. The SOHM serves as a forum for members with a special interest and commitment to general inpatient pediatric care.

Vision Statement:
  • Children and families experience a smooth and seamless transition from hospital to primary care medical home.
  • Hospital care is of highest quality, safety, efficiency, effectiveness and consistency.
  • Children and families experience high satisfaction with their hospital care.
  • Section members are optimally prepare to deliver the highest quality care.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the AAP Section on Hospital Medicine (SOHM) is to optimize the delivery of health care to children in hospital settings. This will be accomplished by continuously seeking to improve quality of care, serving the highest priority needs of our members, and advancing the profession of pediatric hospital medicine (PHM) through leadership and advocacy.

Core Values:

SOHM believes:

  • All children deserve access to the highest quality of care
  • In continuous quality improvement and lifelong learning
  • Teamwork and collaboration is critical for pediatric hospital medicine
  • In innovation and discovery.


Membership in the SOHM is open to pediatric hospitalists, general pediatricians, academicians, primary care pediatricians, sub-specialists, residents, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and child life specialists with an active interest and involvement in general inpatient pediatrics. The Section focuses on systems, logistics, and organization of general inpatient pediatric care in addition to relevant clinical issues.

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Areas of focus of the SOHM include education, policy, membership, communication, and research. Opportunities for involvement in each of these areas are available.
  • Educational Programsfocus on selected general inpatient topics and organization and operation of pediatric hospitalist systems.
  • Policy Discussions to date center on the nature and implications of pediatric hospitalist practice with opportunities to address other general inpatient issues. The Section has a liaison on the Committee on Hospital Care.
  • Membership Recruitmentis an ongoing project and SOHM aims to develop a broadly based membership to reflect the diversity of general inpatient pediatrics.
  • Communication Efforts include a regular news journal as well as electronic communication. A very active SOHM listserv® serves as a forum and open discussion forum for SOHM members and non-members.
  • Research Possibilitiesabound, and the membership of the Section provides a resource for investigators studying systems of delivering general inpatient pediatric care.​
To join, visit the AAP Membership page.

For questions on how to join or to get involved with SOHM, or for further information about specific Section activities, contact Niccole Alexander.​