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Pediatric Hospital Medicine Resident Travel Grant


The SOHM Resident Travel Grant Program offers $1,200 scholarships to 10 Residents who are interested in attending the annual Pediatric Hospital Medicine Conference.

Primary Goals of the SOHM Resident Travel Grant Program
•    To educate resident physicians on the overall field of PHM;
•    To present background and information on the Pediatric Hospitalist profession; and
•    To offer a relaxed atmosphere where Residents are able to network with PHM leaders and potential mentors.

Each applicant for the SOHM Resident Travel Grant Program is required:
1.    To be a member of the Section and a Resident at the time of the PHM Conference. Chief Residents, Pediatric Residents, Medicine-Pediatric Residents, and combined program Residents are all eligible.
2.    To submit a CV and a cover letter (1 page) to Niccole Alexander via email only between January 1 and February 15.
3.    To demonstrate in the cover letter sustained interest and commitment to PHM either at his/her training hospital or through Section activities – and to explain what s/he hopes to gain from attending the Conference. 

Research, QI projects, professional accolades, academic achievements, and philanthropic work are weighed heavily during the selection process as is the quality of the application packet.  It should also be noted either in the cover letter or in the CV if a poster has been submitted for consideration for presentation at that same PHM Conference.

Recipients of the SOHM Resident Travel Grant Program might be asked to contribute to an article outlining their experiences at the Conference for as well as assist with a couple of post-Conference activities (i.e., completing a satisfaction survey and recommending ideas for the next Conference).

Interested in applying?
All applicants must submit letters of interest and CVs by e-mail only to Niccole Alexander between January 1st and February 15th.

Notifications will be sent by no later than April 15th. 

Previous Recipients
2008: Lindsay Jackson, MD; Amanda Lueshen, MD; Wambui Waruingi, MD; and Julia Aquino, MD, FAAP
(Appointed Liaison)

2009: Bridget Allard, MD; Michael Rinke, MD; Vivian Tang, MD; and Corey Lachman, MD, FAAP
(Appointed Liaison)

2010: Elena Aragona, MD; Kevin Nelson, MD; Waheeda Samady, MD; and Corey Lachman, MD, FAAP
(Appointed Liaison)

2011: Stephanie Clark, MD; Alisa Khan, MD; Jamie Librizzi, MD; and Elena Aragona, MD, FAAP
(Appointed Liaison)
2012: Eric Coon, MD; Carolyn Schook, MD; Clota Snow, MD; and Elena Aragona, MD, FAAP
(Appointed Liaison)

2013: Justin Miyamoto, MD; Allison Montgomery, MD; Terrell Stevenson, MD; Gabrielle Zimbric Hester, MD
(Appointed Liaison)

2014: Oluwarotimi Adepoju, MD; Sumeet Banker, MD; Ryan Padrez, MD; and Shoujing Song, MD

2015: John Morrison, MD; Leela Sarathy, MD; and Henry Wu, MD

2016: Kevin Chi, MD; Jillian Cotter, MD; Jason Fischer, MD; and Joshua Williams, MD

2017: Erin Boschee, MD; Adam Cohen, MD; Gayatri Madduri, MD; Vanessa McFadden, MD; Aleisha Nabower, MD; Chionye Ossai, MD; and Jing Ren, MD

Section Chair with the 2016 winners