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James T. Cassidy Award


The James T. Cassidy Award, established in 2000, was developed to recognize pediatric rheumatologists who have shown outstanding achievement in the field of pediatric rheumatology. It is named in honor of James T. Cassidy, a founding member of the field, who has co-authored definitive text used to teach countless caregivers about pediatric rheumatology.

Members of the SORh (with the exception of current Executive Committee members) are eligible to receive this award, which is given annually at the American College of Rheumatology Annual Meeting. Nominees must meet one or more of the following qualifications:

  • Recognition as an outstanding educator
  • History of successfully training pediatric rheumatology fellows
  • Contributions to the field of pediatric rheumatology through research, publications, and/or legislation
Nominations should include:
  • The nomination form.
  • Deadline to submit nominations: March 27, 2015
  • Nomination Letter:
  • Two page maximum
  • Emphasizes the nominee's specific talents that merit consideration by the selection committee, including pertinent activities in the areas of education, research, and/or advocacy as it relates to pediatric rheumatology (describe the impact of this work, providing as much detail as necessary to give the Award Committee a clear picture of the nominee’s qualifications)
  • Include relevant examples of all the award criteria including accomplishments in education, experience with training pediatric rheumatology fellows, and indicate any research, publications, and/or legislation that they have significantly contributed to pediatric rheumatology
  • Include previous awards or special recognition of their work, particularly pertaining to recognition as an outstanding educators
  • Nominee’s Curriculum Vitae that should clearly identify each of the award criteria
  • List of Pediatric Rheumatology Fellows trained by the nominee (if not in the CV)

Previous Award Recipients
The AAP Section on Rheumatology congratulates the following individuals for receiving the James T. Cassidy Award:
  • 2014 - Carlos D. Rosé, MD, CIP, FAAP
  • 2013 - Charles H. Spencer, MD, FAAP
  • 2012 - Carol A. Wallace, MD, FAAP
  • 2011 - Christy I. Sandborg, MD, FAAP
  • 2010 - Ronald M. Laxer, MD, FAAP
  • 2009 - David D. Sherry, MD, FAAP
  • 2008 - Suzanne L. Bowyer, MD, FAAP
  • 2007 - Thomas J. A. Lehman, MD, FAAP
  • 2006 - Carol B. Lindsley, MD, FAAP
  • 2005 - Murray H. Passo, MD, FAAP
    Sponsored by an educational grant from Wyeth
  • 2004 - Peter B. Dent, MD, FAAP
    Sponsored by an educational grant from Wyeth
  • 2003 - Ross Petty, MD, FAAP
    Sponsored by an educational grant from Wyeth
  • 2002 - Balu Athreya, MD, FAAP
    Sponsored by an educational grant from Wyeth
  • 2001 - Deborah Kredich, MD, FAAP
    Sponsored by an educational grant from Wyeth