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YP Guide for AAP Chapters


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Section on Young Physicians is very pleased to provide you with the inaugural Young Physicians Guide for AAP Chapters. It is our hope and intention that this guide will assist chapters in reaching out to young physician members, help determine how they can remain active within the AAP, and address concerns, problems, and needs with regard to their membership in the AAP and their practice as young pediatricians. We as a section also would like to invite and involve young physicians in the workings of the AAP at the chapter, district, and national levels.

Within the AAP, members qualify as young physicians if they are younger than 40 years or in their first 5 years of practice. This time in a pediatrician’s life is full of change, learning, adaptation, and adjustment. New locations, jobs, relationships, family situations, and finances all present to young physicians during this time and may compete with their relationship with the AAP. We know that the transition from resident to young physician is a time of considerable loss of membership for the AAP. Therefore, our section and the AAP leadership feel that a concerted effort to focus on this population of AAP members is in order. This effort is designed not only to increase the membership within the AAP, but also to guarantee the survival of the AAP by growing and forming the next generation of pediatrician leaders and determining how the AAP can provide value to these important members.

Our section feels the best way to nurture connections to the AAP is through the chapters. Chapters have the best ability to determine the local needs of their members, connect geographically with those members, and provide a personal, local face to the AAP. Therefore, we have embarked on providing this chapter guide for your use.

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Information, opportunities, and programs for pediatricians age 40 or less or in the first 5 years of practice.