Mission, Vision, and Values

​Council on ​Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

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​Mission, Vision, and Values


The mission of the Council on Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (COQIPS) is to support the mission of AAP in obtaining optimal health for all children. To accomplish its mission, COQIPS will define, promote, improve, measure, educate and advocate for quality improvement and patient safety.


  • Every child gets the right care every time​

  • Clinicians are empowered to provide care that is safe, effective, family centered, timely, efficient and equal.

  • Effective pediatric quality improvement strategies are available, used and make sustained improvement in pediatric practice.

  • Quality improvement becomes integral to the daily practice of pediatrics and patients and families experience better outcomes.

  • Quality improvement and patient safety is infused throughout the work of the AAP.


We believe:

  • Pediatricians strive to provide quality care.

  • Quality improvement is a continuous, measureable process that will reduce cost, improve care, and improve population health.

  • The use of science, a formal method and standard process, is essential in improving quality improvement and patient safety.

  • Patient and family care are instrumental to improving quality improvement and patient safety.

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