Message from the Chair of the PPMA

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​​​Message from the Chair

The Pediatric Practice Management Alliance (PPMA) is an AAP Subcommittee of the Section on Administration and Practice Management (SOAPM) created with the mission to empower Pediatric Practice Administrators, Nurses and Managers to overcome many of the day-to-day challenges of running a medical practice. We hope that in using our collective knowledge and available resources, we can help our practices become more effective, efficient and profitable.

PPMA consists of over 100 members throughout the country who exchange their practical advice and knowledge via an active listserv. Imagine sitting at your desk and needing to make a very difficult decision and knowing within minutes you can have the advice of 100 other practice managers. The total years of experience of the PPMA members are astronomical.

In addition to the invaluable resources offered by the listserv, PPMA will host and co-host an extensive array of webinars to address issues that are current and relevant to the daily activities of the practice administrator.

The listserv and webinars are valuable resources to all practice managers, but the true success of PPMA lies in the people and the networking opportunities it offers. No other management organization is dedicated to the special issues that face pediatric practice managers.

My goal as the chairperson of PPMA, in conjunction with the leadership team and excellent staff of the AAP, is to bring the PPMA to the next level. We can only do this with the knowledge, skills and experience of the members who participate every day. With the ever changing world of healthcare, it is no longer acceptable to be a good manager, we must now be knowledgeable leaders in business development, marketing, human resources, financial analysis as well as information management.

The success of PPMA is built on its members so please join us and be a part of the future of pediatric healthcare.

-Holly Parlavecchio, RN - Chair
New Jersey​

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