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​Section on Breastfeeding

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About Us​

​​​​​The Section on Breastfeeding (SOBr) is a group of 500 pediatricians with breastfeeding interest or expertise. The SOBr is the voice for breastfeeding within the AAP through the publication of policy statements​​ and other educational materials for health professionals. The Section also provides a professional home for AAP members interested in breastfeeding with various networking and leadership opportunities. The Section Executive Committee is elected to serve as breastfeeding experts within the AAP.​​​​

Mission Statement

​The mission of the AAP Section on Breastfeeding is to equip pediatricians with education, policy and advocacy resources to support optimal breastfeeding practices and environments.​

SOBr Strategic Plan

The Section on Breastfeeding has a strategic plan that drives the work of the Section. This plan includes initiatives related to advocacy, education, and policy.​

Advocacy efforts include reimb​​ursement for breastfeeding care services, breastfeeding and work, breastfeeding as the infant feeding norm, and the support of state coalitions through the involvement of our AAP Chapter Breastfeeding Coordinators.

Education efforts include breastfeeding sessions at the AAPs National Conference and Chapter and District meetings, growing the Section on Breastfeeding membership, the administration of the Section on Breastfeeding Lectureship grants, and promotion of the breastfeeding residency curriculum.

Policy efforts include the creation and maintenance of policies from the AAP that support breastfeeding.​

Chapter Breastfeeding Coordinators​

What is a Chapter Coordinator?

Chapter Breastfeeding Coordi​​nators (CBCs) are pediatricians who are appointed by their AAP Chapter President to work within their AAP Chapter (there is at least 1 AAP Chapter in every state and Puerto Rico) and the community on breastfeeding support and promotion. CBCs ensure that the members of their AAP Chapter are up to date on the latest breastfeeding education and advocacy activities. For more information about the CBCs please review the job description​.​

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