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Making Videos to Share

​Making videos to share

Consider filming simple messages that support vaccines. Studies show that parents want advice and information from their doctor, and videos are a personal way to share your recommendations with your patients. Be mindful of how your speaking points may be interpreted. Introducing concerns or discussing complex topics may backfire. More guidance on creating a video​ is available.

Requesting vaccine-support videos from parents
To supplement your social media efforts to distribute factual information about vaccines, you may consider soliciting vaccine-support videos from parents. Vaccine-support videos made by parents may help to remind other parents that vaccination is safe, keeps their children protected, and helps protect the community. Completed videos that meet suggested submission requirements may be shared on social media as part of your practice's immunization campaign.

If parents in your practice wish to submit videos, consider having them submit speaking points for review first. Videos created by parents allow other parents to hear first-hand why their peers find vaccination appealing, important and accepted. These messages should be genuine, so when reviewing speaking points, keep the following in mind:

  • Make changes that correct technical inaccuracies.
  • Suggest reminders to keep ideas concise and to the point if they are long or hard to follow.
  • Even minor wording changes (for preference) may affect the tone of the video, and feel less personal to the creator.
  • Request that any information that could identify a specific patient be removed.

Provide parents with information and tips​​ to help them create an effective video. You may also want to develop and share a video release form.