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​The APA Task Force on Child Poverty convened the Education Subcommittee to develop educational tools to promote understanding of the impact of poverty and other social determinants of health on well-being over the life course and across generations.

Task Force on Child Poverty Education Subcommittee Co-Chairs
Lisa Chamberlain, MD MPH FAAP
Melissa Klein, MD, MEd, FAAP

​Facilitator Guide Developer
Melissa Ruiz, MD, FAAP

​Module 1: The Epidemiology of Child Poverty
Allison Gorman, MD, Workgroup Leader
Sheela Rao, MD, FAAP, Workgroup Leader
Michele Barnes, MD, FAAP
Erin Schnepp, DO, FAAP
Janine Bruce, MPH
Elizabeth Hanson, MD, MPH, FAAP

​Module 2: Social Determinants of Health
Elizabeth Hanson, MD, FAAP, Workgroup Leader
Dodi Meyer, MD, FAAP, Workgroup Leader
Cara Lichtenstein, MD, MPH, FAAP
Hans Kersten, MD
Sue Berger, PhD
James Kaferly, MD, FAAP
Melissa Ruiz, MD, FAAP

Module 3: The Biomedical Influences of Poverty 
Rhea W. Boyd, MD, FAAP, Workgroup Leader
Perri Klass, MD FAAP, Workgroup Leader
Michael Barone, MD, MPH, FAAP
Dipesh Navsaria, MD, MPH, MSLIS, FAAP
Adam Pallant, MD, PhD, FAAP
Ashaunta Tumblin, MD, MPH, FAAP 

Module 4: Taking Action to Address Child Poverty
Brian Lurie MD MPH FAAP, Workgroup Leader
Adam Schickedanz MD, Workgroup Leader
Susan Bostwick MD, MBA, FAAP
Lee Ford-Jones MD, FRCPC
Ambica Nakhasi, MD
Amanda Osta MD FAAP
Barry Solomon MD MPH FAAP