APP Response

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AAP Response


The response by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to a situation depends on issues such as the type of disaster, the needs of children, pediatric resources available, whether assistance has been requested, and the phase of the disaster. A disaster is an event or situation that overwhelms available resources and results in injury, death, and/or destruction of property. Terrorism or disaster preparedness includes several phases.

For information on the AAP response to previous disasters, see Ebola Outbreak, Ebola FAQ, Acute Flaccid Myelitis in Children, Enterovirus D6, Haiti Recovery, Influenza/Pandemics, Japan Response, Nepal Recovery, and Oil Spill Affecting the Gulf Coast.

Severe Weather

Severe weather can happen anywhere at any time and includes floods; hurricanes, thunderstorms and lightning; and tornadoes. Because of their physiology, children need to be protected by the adults who care for them and are more susceptible when there are extreme temperatures. Everyone is at risk and should take steps to prepare for severe weather.

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