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Center for American Indian Health at Hopkins
The mission of the Center is to work in partnership with American Indian and Alaska Native communities to raise the health status, self-sufficiency, and health leadership of Native people to the highest possible level.  They work in partnership with tribes to build local capacity and model programs to tackle major health problems, and then send those solutions around the world.

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National Center for American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research  
The National Center for American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research (NCAIANMHR is sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health and is the only program of this type in the country focusing specifically on American Indian and Alaska Native populations.

It has four major program functions: research, research training, information dissemination and technical assistance.

University of Colorado Denver Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health
The mission for the Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health (CAIANH) is to promote the health and well-being of American Indians and Alaska Natives, of all ages, by pursuing research, training, continuing education, technical assistance, and information dissemination within a biopsychosocial framework that recognizes the unique cultural contexts of this special population.

PUBLICATIONS About the Committee on Native Amer​ican Child Health and its activities:

Committee on Native American Child Health Advances Toxic Stress Agenda. AAP News; February 23, 2015.

Briefing on Native American Child Health. AAP News; April 28, 2014.

Publications devoted to American Indian/Alas​​ka Native Child Health:

American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research (journal); Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health
Professionally refereed scientific journal. It contains empirical research, program evaluations, case studies, unpublished dissertations, and other articles in the behavioral, social, and health sciences which clearly relate to the mental health status of American Indians and Alaska Natives.  

Other publications related to ​​American Indian/Alaska Native chi​​ld health: 

AAP Policy Statement:
Race, Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Status in Research on Child Health. Pediatrics. 2015; 135(1)

AAP Policy Statement:
Health Equity and Children's Rights (under revision). Pediatrics. 2010; 125(4)

AAP Policy Statement:
Ethical Consideration in Research with Socially Identifiable Populations. Pediatrics. 2004; 113(1)

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These items must be obtained through your medical library resources.  See HERE for updates.​

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Photo credit: Used with permission US Indian Health Service
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