Title Teaching Teens to Conquer the Corner Bodega
AAP Grant ID 1871
Project Year 2011
City & State Brooklyn, NY
Program Name CATCH Resident
Topic Adolescent Health
Program Description
Teaching Teens to Conquer the Corner Bodega is a project centered around educating high school students to make good nutritional, health, and social choices. Every neighborhood in Brooklyn has a number of bodegas that supply residents with everything from milk to diapers and motor oil with an endless list of sundries. Whether it is a 7AM egg and cheese on a roll, an after school bag of fiery hot chips, or a midnight emergency room visit complete with sour apple candy and grape soda, many teens in Brooklyn rely heavily on these small stores for their daily dietary needs. The bottom line is to teach teens about how to make good food choices within the confines of their socioeconomic and environmental situations, thereby creating a medical home which encourages health and nutrition. The program aims to promote exercise, monitor BMIs, communicate results with teen's pediatricians with parental consent, and screen for insurance making facilitated enrollment available to participants and their families.
1. Educate and empower teens to make good health and nutritional choices in addition to increasing physical activity. 2. Connect teens with a medical home for teens by ensuring access to health insurance coverage. 3. Improve the health and fitness of teens while making long-term lifestyle choices that will decrease incidence of obesity.
AAP District District II
Institutional Name Maimonides Infants and Children's Hospital of Brooklyn and Coney Island Hospital, Brooklyn, NY
Contact 1 James Burhop
Contact 2
ID 22