Title Daycare Developmental Surveillance Project (DDSP)
AAP Grant ID 1900
Project Year 2011
City & State New Orleans, LA
Program Name CATCH Implementation
Topic Child Development/Developmental Delay
Program Description
Pediatricians are tasked with the responsibility of identifying children with developmental delay, yet a majority of children are left undiagnosed until school age. Developmental delay is estimated to be present in about 10-12% of United States children. Fewer than 70% of these children are identified and referred for interventional services before the age of 5. Prompt identification of developmental delay through screening and surveillance in the pediatric office leads to early intervention, which improves patient outcomes. Consequently, pediatricians have standardized their screening methods and implemented parent report measures as an additional screening tool for early detection. However, in New Orleans higher noncompliance with well-child visits, the lack of children linkage to medical homes, and lower parental educational levels are barriers for identification of children with developmental delay. Thus, there is an urgent need to (1) educate early childcare providers and parents in New Orleans on early childhood development and surveillance methods and (2) ensure that all children in these centers are linked to a medical home. Consequently, the Daycare Developmental Surveillance Project will identify children ages 0-5 years with developmental delay by educating daycare providers and parents on child development and link them to medical homes via clinical navigators.
1. Implement and refine a community-based model program in day care centers that screen and assess children less than 5 years of age for developmental delay and refer them for further assessment by pediatricians and intervention when appropriate. 2. Establish partnerships among physicians, community childcare providers, and community clinical navigators to create improved community access to medical homes and early developmental interventional services. 3. To increase early childhood educators' and parents' knowledge about child development and developmental delay through hands-on workshops and educational materials.
AAP District District VII
Institutional Name Tulane University School Medicine, Med-Peds Department, 1430 Tulane Aveune, SL-37, New Orleans, LA
Contact 1 Princess Dennar, MD
Contact 2
ID 51