Community Pediatrics Funded Projects

​Community Pediatrics Funded Projects

Find information on projects funded through the CATCH Program and the Healthy Tomorrows Program, from 2011 to present.
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Well-Care and Adolescent Immunizations in Rochester (WECAIR)2011NYAdolescent HealthHealthy TomorrowsDistrict II
Empowering Mothers Initiative2011CACare Coordination/Case ManagementHealthy TomorrowsDistrict IX
Pediatric Development Clinic2011CASchool Readiness/Head StartHealthy TomorrowsDistrict IX
Community Asthma Initiative’s Medical Home Project2011MAAsthmaHealthy TomorrowsDistrict I
Reach out and Read2011MIMedical HomeHealthy TomorrowsDistrict V
Expansion of Oral Health Services to the West Side of Chicago2011ILOral/Dental HealthHealthy TomorrowsDistrict VI
Connections Centralized Screening and Referral System2011KSScreening/Detection/SurveillanceHealthy TomorrowsDistrict VI
The Baltimore Citywide Child Protection Team: Improving Access to Care for Children with Suspected Abuse and Neglect2011MDChild Abuse & NeglectHealthy TomorrowsDistrict III
Health Improvement Project for Teens (HIP Teens)2011NYHomeless CareCATCH PlanningDistrict II
Positive Actions Toward Health (PATH)2011VAOverweight & Obesity (LHI)CATCH PlanningDistrict IV
School Gardens for Health2011NMOverweight & Obesity (LHI)CATCH ResidentDistrict VIII
Crianza y Salud (Parenting and Health)2011MDHealth Education & PreventionCATCH ResidentDistrict III
A Medical Home for LGBTQ Youth2011NJAdolescent HealthCATCH ResidentDistrict III
Creating Medical Homes for Homeless Kids2011MAHealth DisparitiesCATCH PlanningDistrict I
Identifying Underserved Children in San Diego2011CAMedical HomeCATCH PlanningDistrict IX
Safety for Special Kids2011PAInjury & Violence (LHI)CATCH ResidentDistrict III
Crisis Nursery in Pittsburgh: A Possibility?2011PAChild Abuse & NeglectCATCH ResidentDistrict III
The Little Chef Cooking School2011CANutritionCATCH ResidentDistrict IX
Improving Medical Homes for Foster Youth2011MIFoster CareCATCH PlanningDistrict V
Autism: Engaging Families and Coordinating Services2011NYAutism Spectrum DisordersCATCH PlanningDistrict II
Growing Up: Transition to Adult Health Care2011OHCSHCN/DisabilitiesCATCH PlanningDistrict V
Teaching Teens to Conquer the Corner Bodega2011NYAdolescent HealthCATCH ResidentDistrict II
School Based Health Center - Clark Middle School2011AKAdolescent HealthCATCH PlanningDistrict VIII
Pediatricians Current Practices-Transitioning to Adulthood2011NYTransitionsCATCH PlanningDistrict II
A Medical Home for GLBT Youth2011NJMedical HomeCATCH PlanningDistrict III
Health Care Access for Asian Refugees2011CAAccess/Barriers to Health Care (LHI)CATCH PlanningDistrict IX
Supporting Parents of Post-NICU Infants2011NJAccess/Barriers to Health Care (LHI)CATCH ResidentDistrict III
Integrated Community Obesity Intervention Model2011NEOverweight & Obesity (LHI)CATCH PlanningDistrict VI
The Bridge Between Two Homes2011NYImmigrant/Migrant/Refugee/Undocumented HealthCATCH ResidentDistrict II
Ramsey County Foster Care Health2011MNFoster CareCATCH PlanningDistrict VI
The Grow 2B Fit Project2011AZOverweight & Obesity (LHI)CATCH PlanningDistrict VIII
LATCH Now2011CABreastfeedingCATCH ResidentDistrict IX
Pitt County Children and Community Violence2011NCInjury & Violence (LHI)CATCH ResidentDistrict IV
Fit Kids, Fit Families, Fit Communities2011TXPhysical Activity (LHI)CATCH PlanningDistrict VII
Strengthening Medical Homes for Homeless Families2011VTHomeless CareCATCH ResidentDistrict I
MotivateMe - Motivational Interviews to Address Obesity2011CAOverweight & Obesity (LHI)CATCH ResidentDistrict IX
Somali Perceptions and Barriers to Access2011COAccess/Barriers to Health Care (LHI)CATCH PlanningDistrict VIII
Together Changing Our Story2011NMFamily Centered CareCATCH PlanningDistrict VIII
Transitioning Youth with Special Health Care Needs2011TXTransitionsCATCH PlanningDistrict VII
Enhancing Medical Home for Adolescent Immigrants2011NYImmigrant/Migrant/Refugee/Undocumented HealthCATCH ResidentDistrict II
Pasitos de Bebé: NICU to Home2011CACSHCN/DisabilitiesCATCH ResidentDistrict IX
Fighting Adolescent Obesity in Evanston, Illinois2011ILSchool HealthCATCH PlanningDistrict VI
Asthma in Children: Community Information-Organization Network2011FLMedical HomeCATCH PlanningDistrict X
Erasing Barriers - Training Lay Health Educators2011LACulturally Effective CareCATCH ResidentDistrict VII
Pediatric Telemedicine in the Bitterroot Valley2011MTBehavioral HealthCATCH ImplementationDistrict VIII
Picture My Reality2011INAdolescent HealthCATCH ResidentDistrict V
Health and Fitness To Go2011MIHealth Education & PreventionCATCH ResidentDistrict V
Kaitlin's Table: Teen Center Pilot2011WIMental Health (LHI)CATCH ImplementationDistrict VI
Youth in Transition: Access to Healthcare2011CATransitionsCATCH ImplementationDistrict IX
Daycare Developmental Surveillance Project (DDSP)2011LAChild Development/Developmental DelayCATCH ImplementationDistrict VII
Health Support for Lead Poisoned Children2011RIChild Development/Developmental DelayCATCH ImplementationDistrict I
Supplemental Anticipatory Guidance Education (SAGE)2011DEUrban HealthCATCH ResidentDistrict III
Bullying: Stand up. Speak out.2011NJBehavioral HealthCATCH ResidentDistrict III
Refugee Health: A Needs Assessment2011GAImmigrant/Migrant/Refugee/Undocumented HealthCATCH ResidentDistrict X
Fostering Health Through the Medical Home2011WIFoster CareCATCH ImplementationDistrict VI
Safe Environment for Every Kid (SEEK)2011VAFamily Centered CareCATCH ResidentDistrict IV
Promoting Breastfeeding in Child Care Centers2011LABreastfeedingCATCH ResidentDistrict VII
Helping Kids Stay Connected2011NHMental Health (LHI)CATCH ImplementationDistrict I
Siblings Groups for Families of Autism2011NYAutism Spectrum DisordersCATCH ResidentDistrict II
First Citizens: A Medical Home for Asian Newborns2011CAMedical HomeCATCH ImplementationDistrict IX
First Dental Screening By Age One!2011CAOral/Dental HealthCATCH ImplementationDistrict IX
Love your baby, wrap your newborn!2011TXParenting/Parent EducationCATCH ResidentDistrict VII
Improving Health Literacy For Local Bhutanese2011WIAccess/Barriers to Health Care (LHI)CATCH ResidentDistrict VI
Adolescent Sports Physicals for the Underserved2011VAAccess/Barriers to Health Care (LHI)CATCH ImplementationDistrict IV
Breast for Success2011OHBreastfeedingCATCH ImplementationDistrict V
Mental Health in Medical Foster Care2011FLBehavioral HealthCATCH ImplementationDistrict X
UVA Children's Project Fit Kids!2011VAOverweight & Obesity (LHI)CATCH ResidentDistrict IV
Community Based ADHD Parent/Educator Training2011ALADHDCATCH ImplementationDistrict X
Obesity Education in an Underserved Community2011CAOverweight & Obesity (LHI)CATCH ResidentDistrict IX
While You Wait: Nutrition Promotion Video2011CAOverweight & Obesity (LHI)CATCH ResidentDistrict IX
Wellness Policy In Schools2011LAOverweight & Obesity (LHI)CATCH ImplementationDistrict VII
Teen/Tot Clinic2011RITeenage Pregnancy & ParentingCATCH ImplementationDistrict I
Save Memphis Lives with Breastfeeding Support2011TNBreastfeedingCATCH ImplementationDistrict IV
Pawtucket's Medical Home for Adolescents2011RISchool HealthCATCH ImplementationDistrict I
Plaquemines Parish Obesity Prevention Program2011LAOverweight & Obesity (LHI)CATCH ResidentDistrict VII
Care Coordination in Pediatric Primary Setting2011TNCare Coordination/Case ManagementCATCH ImplementationDistrict IV
Family Scholar House Pediatric Clinic2011KYAccess/Barriers to Health Care (LHI)CATCH ImplementationDistrict IV
Ensuring Clear Communication for At-risk Families2011CACulturally Effective CareCATCH PlanningDistrict IX
Ensuring clear communication for at-risk families2011CACulturally Effective CareCATCH PlanningDistrict IX
Reproductive Health Access for Incarcerated Girls2012CAMedical HomeCATCH ResidentDistrict IX
Making a Mobile Unit a Medical Home2012DCMedical HomeCATCH ResidentDistrict III
Access to Immunizations in Alternative Settings2012MEImmunizations (LHI)CATCH PlanningDistrict I
South Valley FIT (Families In Training)2012NMOverweight & Obesity (LHI)CATCH PlanningDistrict VIII
Spreading Medical Home to Underserved Populations2012CTMedical HomeCATCH PlanningDistrict I
CATCH Us: Sickle Kids Moving On2012SCTransitionsCATCH PlanningDistrict IV
WIC Smiles2012NYOral/Dental HealthCATCH PlanningDistrict II
Former Foster Youth Health Care Needs2012WAFoster CareCATCH ResidentDistrict VIII
Strengthening Medical Homes for Foster Children2012ILCSHCN/DisabilitiesCATCH PlanningDistrict VI
Active KIDS2012NCOverweight & Obesity (LHI)CATCH ResidentDistrict IV
Improving Medical Homes for Chinle Children2012AZMedical HomeCATCH PlanningDistrict VIII
Maine Adolescent Council on Transition2012MECSHCN/DisabilitiesCATCH ResidentDistrict I
Medical Home for Neonates2012OKAccess/Barriers to Health Care (LHI)CATCH PlanningDistrict VII
Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in Foster Children2012CAOverweight & Obesity (LHI)CATCH PlanningDistrict IX
Sports Physicals, not the Medical Home2012OHMedical HomeCATCH PlanningDistrict V
Great Park Health and Wellness Clinic2012CAAccess/Barriers to Health Care (LHI)CATCH PlanningDistrict IX
Motivating Glendale Students To Healthy Habits2012UTCulturally Effective CareCATCH ResidentDistrict VIII
Medical Home for Foster Care Children2012OHFoster CareCATCH PlanningDistrict V
Walla Walla Valley Children's Center2012WAAccess/Barriers to Health Care (LHI)CATCH PlanningDistrict VIII
Medical Home for Medically Complex Children2012VAMedical HomeCATCH ResidentDistrict IV
Teen and Young Adult Medical Home2012MAAdolescent HealthCATCH PlanningDistrict I
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