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  • Innovations and Community Impact
    HTPCP grantees were asked in its one-year follow-up survey about innovations use in their projects. Respondents described innovations as new service delivery models or practices, patient education materials or strategies, new tools, professional training, or new partnerships and collaborations. About one-quarter of prior grantees reported innovations involving the use of technology.  
  • Formation of Community Partnerships
    In recent discussions about sustainability, grantees identified shared goals and values as critical for successful partnerships. Partnerships are sustained by mutual need and support and by the shared experience of impact in the community. Grantees described a sense of fun or camaraderie in working together with children and families.


Three case studies were developed featuring HTPCP grantees who have been successful in not only maintaining core program areas but also expanding their services. The following includes best practices and lessons learned and video highlighting these amazing programs:




This is a two-part guide to program evaluation for pediatricians and others implementing community-based health initiatives.

Part I: Designing Your Evaluation

  • Workbook: This guide, in workbook format, reviews strategies for setting measurable objectives, identifying realistic outcomes, and developing logic models for health initiatives.
  • Recording: This audio presentation guides Healthy Tomorrows grantees and others implementing community-based health initiatives through logic model development and evaluation planning. The recording provides two logic model examples to illustrate the concepts. (Duration: 10 minutes)

Part II: Putting Your Evaluation Plan to Work

  • Workbook: The follow up publication to Part I. This guide takes the evaluation plan from the planning to the implementation stage and will assist in how to measure, collect, analyze, and present data meaningfully.
  • Recording 1: Part 1 of this recording will focus on effective documentation to evaluate your program. (Duration: 25 minutes)
  • Recording 2: Part 2 of this recording will focus on analyzing your information simply and meaningfully. (Duration: 18 minutes)



  • National performance measures were developed and approved by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) for annual reporting by all MCHB grantees. A Performance Measure describes a specific maternal and child health need that, when successfully addressed, can lead to better health outcomes. 

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