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Program/Project Name Adoption Pediatrics
Affiliation Name Adoption Pediatrics
Website URL
Model Type Evaluation
City Chicago
State IL
State specific location Private Pediatric Office
How is program/project funded? Health Insurance, Indirectly state funding through medicaid payments
Describe how it's funded

Health insurance - Indirectly state funding through medicaid payments

What services does it provide Comprehensive health assessment
Where does it provide services Locally-based
Description of program/project

​Center of Excellence for Illinois DCFS.
Perform CHE's on children entering care
Perform FASD evaluations, mostly on foster children, in conjunction with Illinois NOFAS

How are patients tracked? Commercial electronic medical record, Paper-based records
Provide special focus Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, Children in family foster care, Youth in group home/residential care, Young Children, Adolescents, Other
Program/Project strengths

​Advocacy for foster children and for foster parents, with the courts, with schools, and with agencies

Program/Project challenges

​Information does not flow from schools to DCFS, re: immunizations
Medical histories are often sketchy.

Contact Name Todd J Ochs, MD
Email Address
Phone Number (773) 907-8864