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Lessons Learned
Taught HBB & ECEB at Punta Gorda Hospital.  Included in the training were doctors, midwives, and rural health nurses/midwives for the hospital in Punta Gorda and the clinic in San Antonio.  Very engaged group.  We trained two (MD & midwife) as facilitators which taught during two days of training.
Provider course.
With the support of the Ministry of Health of Belize and the World Pediatric Project, we conducted a HBB Facilitator training.  We had representatives from most of the regions in Belize - Belize (Karl Heusner Memorial Hosptial), Corozal (Corozal Community Hospital), Orange Walk (Northern Regional Hosptial), Cayo (Western Regional Hospital & San Ignacio Community Hospital) and Stann Creek (Southern Regional Hospital).  Working with the local facilitators, we have a 6 week plan to teach HBB in all regions of the country.
1/1/2010BELIZEInstructor Alecia

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