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Lessons Learned
Trained Pediatric residents, O&G and anesthesia residents in HBB at the tertiary hospital Lagos University Teaching Hospital.
Have an in-country campion is imperative to success
Previously we had built a collaboration with a group of health care workers who provide care to women and children at Okija in Nigeria. We had completed train the trainer HBB classes 3 months prior to 2 physicians at the OWC  Hospital. The trainers cascaded the HBB training to all the nursing, mid wife and physician staff at the hospital.
Essential Care for Every Baby was a natural next layer to then introduce.
I provided a 1 day train the trainer course to 8 staff at the hospital. The degree and ease  of uptake of ESEB knowledge and skills was very good as the group already had strong knowledge and skills from the HBB course they had completed.
The lessons we learned are:
1. Building collaboration with stakeholders in the Country where one plans to work.
2. Encouraging and indeed giving ownership of the Program to the trained trainers.
3. Charging the trained trainers to plan the cascade of the course to providers while providing guidance and support.
4. Maintaining ongoing collaboration and support with the team.
All of this in my opinion will lead to a sustainable program and ultimately improvement in the care provided to newborns.
I  conducted a Train the trainer session of Helping Babies Breathe. The model I used was to train 2 trainers who then went on to cascade the training to 70+ health care workers. I stayed engaged with the trained trainers providing resources and support for the entire training program.

It is crucial to engage with champions for the program in the area you plan to work in. If done well, this collaboration will lead to sustainability of the program and ensure cascading of the training.
10/1/2013NIGERIAMariya Mukhtar
A number of local practices that prevent early initiation of ventilation were identified and addressed. These include the use of olive oil to clean the baby within the first minute of life, and early cord cutting.The need to monitor and document babys vital signs at the delivery room prior to transfer was emphasized
This was a hospital based course. We first trained 7 trainers (MDs and senior midwives) then 4 days later, 3 of the new trainers taught a learner's course. Subsequently, these trainers have conducted a second learner's course. When introducing HBB, wise to focus on training trainers so they can continue the roll-out.

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