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Lessons Learned
12/22/2019BANGLADESHAnne Marie
Insist that the Venue provides tea and meals at the time required. The instructors need more practice with OSCEs and the participants were not experienced with the OSCE format
Order training supplies well in advance (NeoNatalies stuck in customs for 2 months!)
Find out from in-country partners the preferred language for teaching (appropriately told print material should be in Bangla)
In the govt. school of midwifery, CPR training is being added at the end of the HBB Programme
This was more of a discussion with the facilitators and a refresher for the teachers of equipment maintainance, future course planning and feed back of the previous HBB courses in Dhaka and Cox's Bazar I carried out.
When the baby needs ventilation the cord is initially left very long to save time. Almost all the participants failed to prepare for birth and check for the list of equipments shown on the wall chart of HBB
There are very remote Birth Centres in Bangladesh led by a single midwife
(with experience of less than a year)  and a birth attendant. Mothers in normal labour were receiving intravenous fluids and oxytocin.
This was refresher course and there are some local adaptations to the HBB course.
conducted training at Hope Hospital Training Center, Cox's Bazar. taught Bangladeshi MW, nurses, +few MDs working in Rohingya refugee camps.  With support of UNFPA
This course taught at Hope Hospital Training Center, Cox's Bazar, for  MW, nurses, MDs serving Rohingya refugee community
3/1/2013BANGLADESHDebasis Chowdhury

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