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Lessons Learned
3/14/2019CONGO, DEM. REP. OFDebra, Erick, Megan Whipple, Gerday,
3/11/2019CONGO, DEM. REP. OFDebra, Erick, Megan Whipple, Gerday,
9/26/2018CONGO, DEM. REP. OFKaren
3 Experienced Congolese nurses assisted with class with cultural discussions, as well as interpreters invaluable.
More nurses joined class than planned.
9/24/2018CONGO, DEM. REP. OFEric
Experienced 3 Congolese nurses provided invaluable assistance with class. 
More local nurses joined the class than planned.
9/15/2017CONGO, DEM. REP. OFDawn
The importance of including the Minsitry of Health for sustainability, even when it is challenging to coordinate.
9/28/2016CONGO, DEM. REP. OFJulie
Government hospital. Used to have child sized BVM that they would attempt resuscitation with, but now it is broken. No staff in maternity ward have training for resuscitation, so the babies must be carried to the other side of the hospital during the day before any attempts to resuscitate can be made. Approximately 30 births per month, and 2 deaths per month.
9/27/2016CONGO, DEM. REP. OFJulie
Government clinic does not have bulb suction or BVM. Approximately 45 births/month, with approximately 2 babies each month that would require resuscitation. No emergency plan in place for transport to a nearby hospital.
4/1/2016CONGO, DEM. REP. OFEberhard
The teaching along your material was really fun. I did not realize before, that so many evident facts about newborne resuscitation where not known to experienced doctors nurses and midwifes in the field. They appreciated your course very much! 
4/1/2012CONGO, DEM. REP. OFray
4/1/2012CONGO, DEM. REP. OFRay
10/1/2010CONGO, DEM. REP. OFMichael
10/1/2010CONGO, DEM. REP. OFMichael

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