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Lessons Learned
4/22/2019GHANAJo Ann
Starting the course with an icebreaker will be helpful next course to get participants to know facilitators and help them open up. Participants wanted maternal mortality course as well so next training will work toward a comprehensive curriculum. Will need more funding to fund additional training mannequins.
This was a challenging class for learners. No access to NG tubes for feeding. Protocols recommended transferring to another facility.
Varying practices depending on where the midwives worked made for an engaging discussion. What you are presented with as standard of practice may not be what is actually done. Great opportunity to encourage best practices
8/16/2018GHANAIke, James, Daren, Janeva Ferguson, Thomas, Carling,
8/14/2018GHANAIke, James, Daren, Janeva Ferguson, Thomas, Carling,
8/13/2018GHANAIke, James, Daren, Janeva Ferguson, Thomas, Carling,
Trainer Course
courses taught by local Master Trainers
Bogoso, GHANA in conjunction w/Ghana Health Services and GoldenStar.  Total of 4 HBB courses, 2 days each, over 2 consecutive weeks. Including Master Training for 6, well mentored now qualified to continue providing trainings.   We had 3 US trainers,  total of ~120 participants, so maintained at least 1:6 ratio for all small group work.
11/8/2017GHANADeanne and Jake
Videos very helpful.
Students really enjoy hands-on.
We need to work on referring to the flow chart while teaching more to get students in the habit of using the flow chart as reference in the field.
11/7/2017GHANADeanne and Jake
We need to work on referring to the flow chart while teaching more to get students in the habit of using the flow chart as reference in the field.
More time allocated to NGT/feeding calculations. 
This was the most difficult day as far as "new" material covered for our students- might be better to complete over 2 days.
11/6/2017GHANADeanne and Jake
We need to work on referring to the flow chart while teaching more to get students in the habit of using the flow chart as reference in the field.
11/3/2017GHANAIsaac,Lyrad,Carolyn,Lynnae, Lawrence Ferguson,Riley,Rich-Denson,
11/1/2017GHANAIsaac,Lyrad,Carolyn,Lynnae, Lawrence Ferguson,Riley,Rich-Denson,
This is 4th year working with regional midwives, with my  Master Trainers, 8 each in 2 locations.  At this point, I only mentor them and they are in charge.  I spent Monday (in each location) working just with Master Trainers, going over HBB 2nd Edition, making changes in their workbooks and on Action Plans.  We also reviewed ECEB as they would be teaching it as well.  We spent quite some time discussing their issues and community problems, ways to solve the problems, making helpful suggestions as a group.  This was mainly their conversations and solutions with some suggestions from me.  I sensed real interest and dedication.  Master Trainers then taught HBB 2.0 and ECEB.  One of my co-trainers (US) taught ECSB in one location and a Master Trainer and I taught in 2nd location.  I am very proud of these women.
Please notice there were no OSCE's given for ECEB in 2nd location as the group started to discuss their problems with referrals, transportation, working alone in remote health centers, ect.  As a group, we discussed and solved some of the problems.  I felt this was far more beneficial than the OSCE's, especially since all midwives in Ghana know essential care.
I spent some time explaining newborn transitions with emphasis on primary and secondary apnea All of the participants reported how that changed their understanding of the importance of PPV and timeliness of initiating PPV.
I was assisted by my 6 new Facilitators of HBB and ECEB. I also had one other US trainer who has been to this location with me before so everyone is familiar with each other.
Previous teaching has been done in this facility and it was well received. matron in charge shared a story of a baby who was successfully resuscitated after HBB training last year who otherwise would not have made it. Lots of enthusiatic discussion. Facility now has a NeoNatalie kit for staff practice and HBB action plan in all delivery rooms!.
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