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Lessons Learned
5/25/2019HONDURASMaynor Orlando
4 paramedicos
6 Bomberos
4 enfermeras
2/16/2019HONDURASMaynor Orlando Sanchez
Be prepared for lay birth attendants to not be able to count or record numbers.  Be prepared to teach the information over a series of courses, perhaps even months or years apart as some/many may be unwilling to give up more than a day at a time to education (especially if they are required to travel for such).
It was very useful to give a refresher to the Honduran Hospital team in tandum with an introduction to the Honduran regional government nurses.  We then used the governmental nurses as pseudo- facilitators at small stations on a full course 2 days later.  They were completeing their training while helping to train the illiterate lay birth attendants with who they had established relationships.
My performer with the most progress in pre and post OSCE B was my non-medical trainee, she also surpassed the medical providers in the post-HBB OSCE B.
Viewing the Birthing clinic prior to class to assess their setup, equipment available and emergency plan of action.Discuss the roles and responsibilties among the healthcare providersAllow for discussion among their team to make improvements; working together to make a better environment for deliveries
Introductions with background information about one another as well as the mission of the HBB program.Teaching at levels that are appropriate to each learner and switching partners up regularly
Encourage discussion and personal experiences among the group

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