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Lessons Learned
Master Trainers Course takes less than one day if following ECEB
Master Trainers Course- takes over one day
Introduction of QI at start of course may be helpful facilitating change
 Master Trainers Course
I trained 69 physicians and nurses aboard the USN ship Comfort in preparation for their Continuing Promise to America's 4 month, good will humanitarian mission. The initial training was conducted in Kingston, Jamaica for 7 birth attendants/health aids. The ship will go on to visit Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Peru. The last mission will be in Haiti. The lesson learned is "marketing" the course to increase awareness is critically important to spur interest. I went on the Comfort thinking I would train a dozen or so healthcare professionals. The interest was so acute and sincere; I trained 69 total crew members! Many had not heard of the Helping Babies Breath program but once they learned of its existence, they were "on-board" with learning and teaching the program!! A great experience!

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