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Lessons Learned
This course was taught with the assistance of 5 facilitators taught a few days previously, one of whom augmented the translation.
Two of the facilitators are supervisors of the 18 participants; at the conclusion of the course, they signed an agreement to oversee the 18 participants in training an additional 85 health staff at the village level. The sponsoring INGO is loaning the manikins for the training, and the agreement requires a modest fee if the manikins are not returned.
This will hopefully facilitate the roll out of the training by end of December 2017.
Received an email today that one of the participants successfully resuscitated a newborn this morning. Hopefully, this will build momentum in that health district.
To our knowledge, this was the first time HBB has been taught in Niger. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know!
One of the facilitators was representing the MOH at the regional level.
We allowed 3 days for this course. Day 1 began with a Knowledge Check pretest: (average score was 73%; range 11% - 94%) and continued with demonstration and practice of all the scenarios. Day 2 began with a the Knowledge Check post-test, with an average of 83& and several 100%, continued with Bag & Mask skill check and OSCE's A & B. Several resisted assistance in the larger group when they were corrected, and did not pass on their first try. However, in one-on-one settings, they each adjusted and demonstrated mastery.
Day 3 provided opportunity for each table to use their flipcharts to demonstrate a lesson. We also had time to discuss roll-out of training and preparation for training.
Received an email two weeks after the course that one of the participants successfully resuscitated a newborn! This should add to their momentum to complete their training of other health staff.
These five people were trained as facilitators for a subsequent TOT course a few days later. Taught with two translators; a primary one, and one to augment with medical terminology as necessary.
One of the physicians is from Cameroon, but based in the USA; on staff with sponsoring INGO and a Francophone which was a tremendous help.

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