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Lessons Learned
2/26/2020UNITED STATESSarah
Taught 2 OOH midwives, 2 RNs, and 2 student midwives through Perinatal Rescue Network in Burlington, WA. Some using it for their own practice and some for becoming trainers in the future. One midwife became a Master Trainer.
2/4/2020UNITED STATESSarah
HBB 2nd Ed, even though it seems repetitive, still really helpful to have them practice each time the option is given.
10/30/2019UNITED STATESSharla
Incorporating a discussion of key HBB literature, including successes and challenges, was appreciated.

Pairing people with those they didn't know beforehand helped reinforce communication skills.
10/25/2019UNITED STATESMarilyn
Class taught to 5 Univ. of Guanajuato senior nursing students and 5 OHSU SON - Klamath Falls campus nursing students.
10/15/2019UNITED STATESKera
Course was held in Cleveland, OH as part of a larger conference "Management of Humanitarian Emergencies." Learners included physicians from Cuba, Puerto Rico, and South Africa. The Cuban physicians did not believe HBB had ever been taught in their country. When we discussed the importance of documenting a birth record, they also stated that it is not required to document births of infants weighing less than 1500 grams, so that the birth rate and infant mortality rates recorded in-country are not accurate.
9/16/2019UNITED STATESKristen
9/16/2019UNITED STATESLaura
Helping babies breathe
9/7/2019UNITED STATESPatty
1/22/2019UNITED STATESSharla Rent
1/22/2019UNITED STATESSharla Rent
For a 1 day session it is important to have learners read through the material ahead of time so that time can be used efficiently.
1/8/2019UNITED STATESBeena
2 day Master Trainer course, went well
11/20/2018UNITED STATESBeena
To do a facilitator training for ECEB, you can update some of the materials for HBB to fit the bill. I printed out the QI pages from HBB 2nd Edition as well as What the Facilitator Needs to Know and Do Before During and After the Course to help the discussion.  We did the course over 1.5 days
9/25/2018UNITED STATESLaura
8/31/2018UNITED STATESKera
Essential Care for Every Baby
8/4/2018UNITED STATESJames
We provided a course for three midwives, a nurse and a CNA.  One Midwife is going to northern Iraq to serve the Kurds for three weeks. She leaves 8/10/18. One midwife is going to Bangladesh to serve the Rohingya refugees for three weeks in September, another is going to Uganda in January.  The CNA will be assisting a Master Trainer in Rwanda in September.  The other Nurse wants to helps somewhere.   Again, lots of preparation and plenty of people to help.  We had two instructors and an actor and someone who helped get food and set up.   Planning makes a big difference.
7/16/2018UNITED STATESSherri
This was an accelerated Master Trainer course, held among 3 Attending and Fellow neonatologists from Indiana University/Riley Hospital/IU Health.  Two of the participants are currently NRP instructors.  All three participants have prior, or planned, international experience implementing maternal-newborn health programs in low/middle-income regions.  The Master Trainers will engage in mentored training of Pediatric Residents and Global Health students over the next few weeks.  Through these efforts, we are building capacity  for a skilled cadre of HBB Facilitators within Indiana University, to support on-going global health implementation and dissemination efforts in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin/South America.
7/2/2018UNITED STATESKathryn
7/2/2018UNITED STATESKathryn
6/21/2018UNITED STATESMarilyn
6/5/2018UNITED STATESLloyd
HBB course taught to medical students and residents at UNLV with interest in faciltating HBB courses globally
5/1/2018UNITED STATESRenate
HBB Master Trainer Course for Physicians to teach HBB in other countries
5/1/2018UNITED STATESFred, Michael, Gregory Langeland, Draper, Smith
4/20/2018UNITED STATESGinnie
This course included 2 OHSU School of Nursing faculty - 1 earned Trainer and 1 earned a Master Trainer cert.  They will begin to conduct HBB provider courses for student nurses visiting from Guanajuato, Mexico.  The other six were students from Nursing Students Without Borders club or who had an interest in international OB and humanitarian aid. 
2/14/2018UNITED STATESJames
Creating and printing the agenda with HBB logo in color.  Printing the certificates in color on special paper. Come early to the location and have the room set up and in order.  This preparation and others communicates to the learners that the class is important and the topic is important. 
1/5/2018UNITED STATESJames
This course was requested by a group going to serve the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. They needed the course taught soon. Because I have taught many courses and could get other instructors to come to help we were able to meet their needs.  Teaching the course regularly helps to keep ones teaching, equipment and organizational skills current.
11/17/2017UNITED STATESJames
Have a team,  Have your supplies ready. 8 nursing students given the class.
11/16/2017UNITED STATESMarilyn Gran-Moravec
Other = nursing students

Working in pairs.  Breastfeeding, physical assessment and importance of temperature assessment and evaluation.
11/14/2017UNITED STATESMarilyn Gran-Moravec
Other = nursing students

Working in pairs.  Breastfeeding, physical assessment and importance of temperature assessment and evaluation.
11/1/2017UNITED STATESJames
Having a lot of manpower is important.  We had three fluently bilingual individuals helping the other three English speaking Master Trainers.   Arriving early because we ended up being in a room we did not expect and had a lot of rearranging to do.  We taught 8 Nursing University Students who traveled here from Southern Mexico.  This is our third year offering this class to our sister city nursing students.
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