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Lessons Learned
11/29/2019ZAMBIAGeorge, Mike, Larry, Merri Groberg, Frischknecht, Warner,
Develop a cadre of local trainers and have the Zambians do the training (with our funding if needed).  At least that would save the transportation costs from the US.  Possibly have only one or two from LDS Charities.
5/21/2019ZAMBIAGeorge, Bruce, Lisa Groberg, Stanley,
3/27/2019ZAMBIAFred, Kirie, Stacie Langeland, Brown,
11/30/2018ZAMBIAGeorge, Donna, Nancy, Bonnie Groberg, Dizon-Townson, Jetzel,
11/27/2018ZAMBIAGeorge, Donna, Nancy, Bonnie Groberg, Dizon-Townson, Jetzel,
1/31/2018ZAMBIAGeorge, Kim, Jan, Rick Groberg, Friddle, Call,
1/30/2018ZAMBIAGeorge, Kim, Jan, Rick Groberg, Friddle, Call,
1/29/2018ZAMBIAGeorge, Kim, Jan, Rick Groberg, Friddle, Call,
1/26/2018ZAMBIAGeorge, Kim, Jan, Rick Groberg, Friddle, Call,
1/25/2018ZAMBIAGeorge, Kim, Jan, Rick Groberg, Friddle, Call,
1/24/2018ZAMBIAGeorge, Kim, Jan, Rick Groberg, Friddle, Call,
Government clinic: 100-120 babies born every month. approximately 3 need resuscitation. There is a plan to call the hospital for emergencies, but 30 minutes for ambulance to arrive (if available). Some staff have been trained with HBB, but most have not. There was 1 BVM and bulb suction found, but the midwife did not know how to use it.
Government clinic: 70-80 babies delivered each month, unknown how many need resuscitation. No transport plan for emergencies. No Bulb suction or BVM has been used at the clinic. 2/10 of staff attending class have practiced with BVM before, but it has never been in stock at their clinic before the class.
Government clinic: 30-40 babies born each month. 4-5 of these have respiratory distress or apnea at  birth. Clinic does not have bulb suction or BVM. Must wait 30+ minutes for "ambulance" to arrive, but no one begins resuscitation until they arrive at the government hospital. 5/6 staff attending the class had never held a BVM before today.
It was very helpful getting to understand the current practices of the region by talking with the learners and hearing about their experiences before even beginning the course.We also found it helpful to get the learners very proficient with bulb syringe suctioning and bag/mask ventilation as a first step.
it is essential to take time to get to know your students and thier culture and give them ample time to practice and ask questions
Teaching the use of the bulb syringe and ambu bag before starting the rest of the training was helpful as then the participants were more comfortable with these skill before having to go through the whole HBB process.
very helpful to take time to discover what they are currently doing at deliveries now and to have them practice bulb syringe suctioning and ambu bagging before starting the rest of the course.
very helpful to teach bulb syringe suctioning and ambu bagging skills  before proceeding with the HBB course.
Taught 42 third year midwife students as part of of their curriculum. Found them to be the easiest to teach and most enthusiastic. Their energy and desire to learn was unbelievable. They are the future of mother/child care in Zambia!

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