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Lessons Learned
5/15/2019SIERRA LEONEPatricia
If time is short, focus on organization and use of resuscitation materials and skills but asking for demos of preparation and essential care routines.
3/24/2019SIERRA LEONEDouglas
It is hot in Africa in March!
1/11/2019SIERRA LEONEsulaiman
It was a 3 days course taught to about 62 midwives and nurses, who were birth attendants. The course instructors were Dr Sulmain sannoh, neonatologist and Dr Carol Nelson, a family and internal medicine physician, both from USA.  2 courses of 4 hours each were taught to same attendants  in Tikonko, BO and Pujehun. 3-4 neonatalie kits were left with attendants for their use. Plan to repeat course every year

Lessons learned working closely with ministry of health is crucial. I got clearance to run the course. Getting in touch with AAP was very helpful. The AAP got me in touch with prior course providers.
11/10/2018SIERRA LEONEDeborah
11/9/2018SIERRA LEONEDeborah
8/1/2015SIERRA LEONEPatricia
8/1/2015SIERRA LEONEPatricia
8/1/2013SIERRA LEONEPatricia
I started with the discussion of the Cardio-pulmonary system up front, and that worked more smoothly than trying to insert it in the flow.  Both the previous session and this session had many questions about managing one's own grief and dealing with the parents.  So, I added discussion of the grieving process and ways to support those in grief.  This was really well received. 
8/1/2013SIERRA LEONEPatricia
Because nurses and MCHAides in Sierra Leone have little understanding of cardio-pulmonary physiology, I needed to insert a basic discussion of this.  Otherwise, they wouldn't understand the significance of a "lack of oxygen to the brain."
8/1/2013SIERRA LEONEPatricia
Applied the changes learned in the previous two sessions, in Ngolahun and Jokibu.  This worked very well, and I will follow this format when I teach again in the Luawa and Jawie Chiefdoms next February. 
2/1/2013SIERRA LEONEBrent
2/1/2013SIERRA LEONELloyd
We had the opportunity to work with the Ministry of Health -Dr Thomas Samba-Project Manager, the United Methodist Church-Sister Beatrice Gbanga, and the Christian Health Assoication of Sierra Leone-Walter Carew in this Training of Trainers.  We had the help of 8 facilitators from Sierra Leone that had received HBB training prior to our course.  Dr Brent Lind was the contact person for the LDS church.  Dr Lloyd Jensen was the medical director of the course.
10/1/2010SIERRA LEONEIssac

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