Stories from the Field Submission

​Stories From the Field

​Tell us about your experience and share your insights by submitting your own Story From The Field. Your story will inspire others as they learn more about the HBS suite of programs, and plan their very own trainings in the field. Anyone using any of the HBS programs may submit a story, and we strongly encourage submissions from locations not currently represented in the list of Stories From the Field​.

Don't know where to start? Don't worry!—this template​ offers guiding questions to help you get started. Feel free to be creative and go beyond the questions to include anything you would like to share. Please write your story in narrative form to allow your readers to understand your personal perspect​ive. Be sure to share the challenges you encountered and the solutions used to overcome them. And don't forget to offer some inspirational advice for future HBS Trainers setting out into the field.

Still not sure what to write? Click here​ to see a great example of an engaging Story From The Field.

To submit your own Story From The Field:

  • Send your completed story to
  • Be sure to include:
    • Photos (and videos!) of your training
    • Relevant social media handles, hashtags, etc
  • We will review your story, and share on the HBS website and social media outlets.

Thanks for doing your part to help us save newborn lives around the world! ​

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