Training/Educational Opportunities
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Training/Educational Opportunities

AAP Trauma and Resilience ECHO is an interactive, case-based, online two-level curriculum that will be delivered using the Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes​ (ECHO) model. ECHO is an internet-based, interactive learning model that uses video conferencing technology to bring together specialty care providers/experts and providers in local communities. 

Level 1 Trauma-Aware training is designed to help the learner develop familiarity with childhood trauma, its presentation in pediatric practice, its impact and effect, and basic skills to be a resource for families. Level 1 training consists of 6 sessions and is scheduled to launch in April 2018. Video recordings of the six sessions are provided below:

Session 1: Overview of Trauma and Resilience

Session 2: Physiology of Trauma

Session 3: Engagement and Screening

Session 4: Promoting Resilience

Session 5: "How To": What to Say and Do in the Office

Session 6: You Already Do This: How to Incorporate Care Into Your Everyday Practice

Level 2 Trauma-Responsive training is designed to help the learner develop advanced clinical skills in trauma recognition, screening and response, interventions and resources, and competency to implement trauma-responsive care in his/her own practice and to train others. Level 2 training consists of 12 sessions is scheduled to launch in Fall 2018. To be eligible for Level 2, participants will need to participate in Level 1 AAP Trauma and Resilience ECHO or have received equivalent training.

Level 1 and Level 2 ECHO training will be offered multiple times through September 2021. To learn more about upcoming ECHO trainings, and to register, click here​. For questions, please email Zaneta Balaban at​​.

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