funding programs that impact child health

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Putting Children First in Federal Spending Decisions


​The federal government is currently funded by a short-term budget set to expire in December. Among other child health priorities, it includes $1.1 billion in funding to respond to the Zika virus, without any restrictions on funding for Planned Parenthood and without liftting restrictions on pesticide spraying. ​

Prior to passage, the AAP sent a letter to Congressional leadership thanking them for including the Zika funding in the short-term budget but also encouraging them to include assistance for the residents of Flint.

Congress must now complete work on funding the government through the rest of the Fiscal Year 2017. The AAP will continue to urge Congress to put children first in federal spending, and to ensure that any agreement Congress comes to includes a Labor, Health and Human Services, Education bill that is not simply a short-term budget measure. 

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