Advan​cing Pediatric Educator E​​xcellence (APEX) Teaching Program​​​​

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Frequently Asked Questions


How does this program differ from other educator development programs (e.g. APA Educational Scholars Program, PEEAC, etc.)?
The APEX Teaching Program has several unique features that distinguish it from any other program offered in Pediatrics at the national level. First, it focuses on teaching skills for clinical educators, not the development of educational scholarship skills. Though the latter is valuable, there are many clinicians whose priority is the former. Second, it is a longitudinal program, rather than a one-time conference. Participants will communicate throughout the interval year via asynchronous, web-based assignments and maintain a relationship with the program through the successive onsite program. Finally, it offers an opportunity for direct observation and feedback of clinical teaching in real time settings.

What is the time commitment for the program?
Participants will engage in six hours of learning during each of two pre-conference workshops, preceding the national conference.

Participation in three (3) education-focused elective workshops can take place at the Year 1 at the conference, or at qualifying workshops at other national or local meetings, as approved by the APEX Steering Committee.

During the interim year, participants should plan on 4-6 hours per quarter to complete longitudinal assignments and meet with mentors, plus a total of 2 hours for observations.

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What if I want to apply to the program, but I don't have a "local mentor" who can observe my teaching?
You should still apply to the program. If you want to participate, but are having trouble identifying a mentor, the APEX Steering Committee can help identify for you a regional mentor outside of your institution. We are fortunate to have across the U.S. a cadre of well-known educators who are willing to help with this program. Please contact us at APEXTeachPrgm@aap.org before the application deadline so we can assist you.


Will I have to pay tuition for both years of attendance?
No. The one-time tuition covers the entire program.

Do I have to pay for conference registration as well as the tuition?
Yes. PHM or PAS registration is separate from your APEX tuition, and you are also responsible for paying your own travel expenses to both APEX pre-conference workshops. Note that your attendance at the conference is required in Year 1, but in Year 2, participants need only be present for the pre-conference workshop, which is included in the APEX tuition.


Will CME be offered for the program?
CME credit is available for the APEX pre-conference workshops.


What topics are covered in the core program?

  • The Learning Environment
  • Effective Clinical Teaching
  • Giving Feedback
  • Working with Learners in Difficulty
  • Building a Career in Medical Education
  • Teaching Scholarship:  Cohort Workshop Development

What types of courses would be counted for the electives?
Numerous opportunities are available to complete the electives requirement during Year 1 attendance at PHM or PAS (via the education track). If it is not possible to complete your electives at the conference in Year 1, qualifying workshops are also available at other national or local meetings (including COMSEP, APPD, AAMC, etc.), as approved by the APEX Steering Committee. If needed, your third elective could be completed in Year 2 at the conference; however, you must receive advance approval from the APEX Steering Committee to complete this requirement following the graduation event.

What topics will be included in the interim web-based program?
Each quarter will relate to one of the core modules that are offered through the pre-conference workshop in Year 1. The web-based and asynchronous nature of the online learning platform will allow participants to engage in the topics in a more autonomous and interactive way. This will include reading of current literature on the topic, posting of reflections, and facilitated discussions.


Does the APEX teaching course pre-conference workshop conflict with educational offerings/sessions at the conferences?
No. APEX is designed to complement the educational offerings at the conferences.

If I participate in APEX, can I also participate fully in the Conference (PHM or PAS)?
Yes. The APEX Pre-conference Workshop concludes prior to the start of the conference, so there are no conflicts between the two.

Can I participate if I am not planning to attend the conference (PHM or PAS) this year?
Two of the unique advantages of the APEX teaching program are the establishment of a national cohort of educators, as well as the opportunity to engage in core modules at PHM or PAS. Participation at two consecutive pre-conference workshops, and the conference for at least Year 1, is essential to the APEX learning experience.

Do I need to attend two consecutive conferences, or can I stagger them?
Again one of the strengths of the APEX teaching program is the relationship of the cohort. To build and maintain this cohort, we ask that participants start and complete the program together. So, the conference meetings must be consecutive.

What are the requirements for my local mentor?
Your local mentor will be asked to complete two observations of your clinical teaching in the intervening year between your two pre-conference workshops. They will be provided with observation checklists depending on the venue of the teaching, which we will ask them to complete and return to you. They will also provide a short debriefing session with feedback following each observation.

Your local mentor will be a valuable aspect of this program. As noted, we ask that they meet with you quarterly as well as complete two observations and debriefs. Due to the contact time that this requires, we recommend a mentor who is experienced in education and mentorship, but also has time to have these interactions. If you are having trouble finding a faculty member at your institution that can fulfill this role, please contact us prior to the application due date, and we will help to identify a mentor in your area.

What should I do if I can't find a local mentor?
Applicants are encouraged to contact their division or department chairs, residency or fellowship program directors, or designated institutional officers to seek assistance in securing a local mentor. Again, if you are having trouble finding a mentor, please contact us prior to the application due date, and we will help to identify a mentor in your area.

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