PALS Renewal Through APLS
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PALS Renewal Through APLS

APLS Course students now have the opportunity to simultaneously renew their PALS Provider status. The teaching and evaluation stations of the PALS course are now incorporated into the curriculum of the recommended schedule for the 2-day APLS Course.

As approved by the AHA Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) Subcommittee on Pediatric Resuscitation, AAP/AHA PALS course completion cards may be issued for APLS Courses that meet the following criteria:​

  • At least one faculty member must be a PALS instructor.

  • The course must be registered as a PALS Provider renewal course with an approved AHA Training Center.

  • The PALS instructor must administer the PALS post-test, grade the tests, remediate according to PALS requirements, and submit the required roster to the AHA training center.

  • The following components must be added to the recommended 2-day APLS Course Schedule in order to qualify for PALS Renewal option:

  • Review of the PALS Science Overview (25 minutes)

  • Complete CPR Competency Testing (20 minutes)

  • Resuscitation Team Concept DVD (20 minutes)

  • PALS Core Case Testing with individual team leader practice in both Cardiac and Respiratory/Shock (60 minutes)

Materials for the PALS Provider renewal (provider and instructor manuals, presentations, and the written examination) can be purchased through an authorized AHA distributor.

Students who would like to participate in the PALS Provider renewal course must have successfully completed the original PALS course within the past 2 years and will need to supply their valid PALS card. In addition, students are encouraged to read Textbook of Pediatric Advanced List Support in preparation for the PALS Provider renewal course.

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