Timetable for Implementing an APLS Course

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​​Timetable for Implementing an APLS Course

Regardless of the number of students in your APLS Course, the list of planning activities and suggested guidelines for implementation remain the same. There will be slight variations for planning a 1-day course, and those variations are noted.

The following timetable provides a description of specific activities generally required for APLS Course planning. The activities are listed in priority order. For example, course content and schedule must be established to determine the type and size of facility needed. A printer-friendly Course checklist can be found on the Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM or by clicking here.

24 Weeks Before the Course

  • Recruit an approved APLS Course Director.

  • Select dates for course.

  • Establish course schedule, and determine which Skill Stations will be included.

  • Identify potential APLS Faculty members, and make initial contacts.

  • Determine the location for the course, and arrange for facilities needed based on number of students, number and type of rooms needed, availability of public transportation, food service, electrical, audiovisual, and equipment needs.

  • Make arrangements for sponsorship or joint sponsorship through an organization that is accredited by the ACCME to provide CME credit.

  • Develop course budget and set registration fee.

  • Mail initial Faculty confirmation letters.

  • Recruit Equipment Manager and Support Staff to assist with logistical details, equipment procurement, and other aspects of course implementation.

20 Weeks Before the Course

  • Submit Application for Course Implementation and order extra Instructor's ToolKit CDROMs, if necessary.

  • Develop marketing plan and components and order mailing lists.

  • Establish registration procedures.

  • Arrange for student and Faculty transportation if course activities are to be held in multiple locations beyond walking distance.

16 Weeks Before the Course

  • Work with APLS Equipment Manager to order course supplies and equipment.

  • Order audiovisual equipment.

  • Arrange for Faculty lodging and transportation.

  • Send first mailing to prospective students. If it is a 1-day APLS Course, be sure to tell students that prescribed self-study is required.

12 Weeks Before the Course

  • Order student resource manuals.

  • Send a second Faculty mailing to explain course schedule and assignments, identify the format of presentations being used and provide date, time, and location of Faculty meeting as well as lodging and transportation information.

  • Select menus for food functions and breaks.

  • Order course signage.​

8 to 10 Weeks Before the Course

  • Send second mailing to prospective students.

  • Confirm all course arrangements, including location and rooms, food service, Faculty lodging and transportation, and electrical, audiovisual, and equipment needs.​

6 Weeks Before the Course

Mail confirmation letters and student resource manuals to students, with instructions to review the entire manual before the course. If administering the APLS Course Completion Examination, explain that it will cover the entire student resource manual. Explain CME credit and certificates and the process for receiving the APLS Course Completion Card.

2 Weeks Before the Course

  • Prepare course packets, including Faculty and student rosters, course schedule, and general information.

  • Print course evaluation forms and APLS Course Completion Examination (if necessary).​

1 Week Before the Course

  • Ship course supplies, if necessary.

  • Develop rotation schedule

  • Assign students to Small Group Discussion and Skill Station groups.

1 Day Before the Course

  • Check Skill Station equipment, audiovisual equipment, and room set up.

  • Meet with Equipment Manger to discuss equipment set up. Confirm whether assistance will be needed from the Course Director or other Faculty with set up.​

Day of the Course

  • Reconfirm meals and refreshment break arrangements and provide guarantee numbers.

  • Place course signs in appropriate locations.

  • Set up registration area.

  • Meet with Faculty to discuss introductions, course schedule, any unusual situations or potential problems, questions about course content, management of Small Group Discussion and Skill Station rotations, distribution of evaluation forms, APLS Course Completion Examination, and potential remediation plan.

During the Course

  • Facilitate student and Faculty check-in and registration.

  • Distribute student course materials.

  • Identify breakout rooms, as appropriate.

  • Monitor course sessions to maintain schedule.

  • Monitor Small Group Discussions and Skill Stations to maintain desired group size.

  • Check on set up for meals and refreshment breaks.

  •  Ensure that Support Staff are available to answer questions and provide directions.

  • Collect Course evaluation forms.

  • Have Faculty available to assist in administration and grading of the APLS Course Completion Examination and potential remediation.

  • ​Sign and distribute APLS CME Certificates of Attendance.

Within 2 Weeks After the Course

  • Submit APLS course roster based on actual attendance.

  • Collate and review responses on Course evaluation forms.

  • Send APLS Course Completion Card to students who received a grade of 80% or better on the Course Completion Examination.

  • Mail thank you letters to Faculty.

  • Mail follow-up letters to Faculty with evaluation summary of their sessions.

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