MOC Portfolio Program Overview and Benefits

​MOC Portfolio Program Overview and Benefits

Projects submitted through the AAP MOC Portfolio must:

  • Follow the standards set forth by the ABP

  • Have direct oversight from national AAP

    • Projects must be linked to a national AAP Group (eg, Section, Program, etc). The AAP group associated with the project must have meaningful involvement in the project during the planning and implementation of the project. There must be a system in place for the AAP group to continually receive updates and provide feedback on the project. If you are interested in being connected to a national AAP group, please contact MOCPortfolio.

  • Complete an AAP MOC Application form

  • If approved, monitor physician participation and provide ongoing reports to the MOC Review Panel.

To apply through the AAP MOC Portfolio:

Applying through the AAP Portfolio is free! AAP groups interested in obtaining MOC credits for a project they are working on should ap-ply through the AAP Portfolio by completing an AAP MOC application form, which is then reviewed by the MOC Review Panel. Applications can be obtained from Tori Davis, QI and Certification Program Specialist.

Additional Information is available at

Benefits of MOC Portfolio Program

  • Applying through the AAP MOC Portfolio Program is free

  • Provides opportunities for members to connect with groups around the Academy; engage in leadership roles

  • offers AAP members a unique opportunity to generate and participate in member-driven quality improvement projects and receive MOC credit

  • Offers guidance and mentorship related to the ABP standards as well as quality improvement science

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