Pediatrician Life and Career Experiences

​Pediatrician Life and Career Experiences Study (PLACES)

The Pediatrician Life and Career Experiences Study (PLACES) is a major research initiative launched in 2012 by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to systematically collect and track the experiences, expectations, and opinions of early career pediatricians over the course of their careers. At the AAP our focus is the future, and how we can effectively support pediatricians to provide the best care for children. Through PLACES, the voice of pediatricians in their 30s and 40s are at the table as we develop and refine policy and programs.

  • PLACES is a longitudinal study that follows 1,800 pediatricians who are:

    • In one of two important cohorts: a) 2009-2011 Residency Graduates and b) 2002-2004 Residency Graduates.

    • AAP members and non-members

    • Generalists and subspecialists

  • PLACES participants are asked to give annual updates on core issues such as career satisfaction, work-life balance, work environment, daily stressors, and life changes. 

  • Several journal articles, AAP News stories, and participant newsletters have been written using PLACES data on topics of importance to early career pediatricians, including:

  • The data that PLACES participants have been providing the Academy through the PLACES surveys have been very valuable in guiding AAP strategic thinking and plans for the future.

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