PLACES Project Information

​PLACES Project Information

PLACES is a longitudinal study that tracks the career and life choices and experiences of pediatricians. 

Current cohorts are generalists, hospitalists, and subspecialists in one of three important groups based on residency graduation:

2016-2018 Residency Graduates (n=916)
2009-2011 Residency Graduates (n=898)
2002-2004 Residency Graduates (n=898)

Participants give annual updates on core issues such as career satisfaction, work-life balance, work environment, daily stressors, and life changes.  They also complete a shorter survey each year that focuses on a high priority topic identified as important by the participants.

 AAP leadership appreciates PLACES participants: 

"PLACES has put the voice of early and mid-career pediatricians at the table when we develop plans for the future," said AAP President Colleen A. Kraft, M.D., M.B.A., FAAP. "We are very grateful for the participation of current PLACES participants and excited that we will be recruiting a third cohort into the project. PLACES has shown us the future of pediatrics is in excellent hands." 

Many steps were involved in the development and implementation of this national, longitudinal study. 

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“It has really been a pleasure for me to participate and I appreciate the <30 minutes twice a year to sit back and think about my career in this manner. It has been a rollercoaster since completing my fellowship and certainly not the road I anticipated going into fellowship. There is much opportunity out there for pediatricians. I hope new medical school graduates and post-grads recognize this!”
-Current PLACES participant;

“Thank you for continuing to collect this info. It's interesting to see how my own and others’ concerns and priorities change over time.”
-Current PLACES participant;

“Thank you for doing this survey. Not only am I sure the Academy is learning a lot about early career and lifestyle aspects of young physicians, but these questions really challenge me to actively think about my own priorities and health/lifestyle choices.”
-Current PLACES participant;