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Getting Paid for Telephone Care

Anne Francis, MD, FAAP Andrew R. Hertz, MD, FAAP Charles Scott, MD, FAAP

To access the 60-minute webinar, you will need Windows Media Player. This webinar is not available for continuing medical education (CME) credit. The file is about 5MB so it may take a short time to load.

Click here to access Getting Paid for Telephone Care.

Charles Scott, MD, FAAP
Member, Section on Telephone Care
Panel Participants
Andrew R. Hertz, MD, FAAP
Chair, Section on Telephone Care
Anne Francis, MD, FAAP
Chair, Private Payer Advocacy Advisory Committee
Learning Objectives
Part I — Knowing that Telephone Care is Good Medicine
Understand the key factors in deciding whether to charge for telephone care
Part II — Coding for Telephone Care
How to select the proper CPT codes for telephone services
Part III — Charging for Telephone Care
How to implement charging for telephone care in your practice
Part IV — Making the Business Case for Telephone Care to Payers
How to make the business case for charging for telephone care to payers

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