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Hassle Factor Form Concerns with Payers


​The online Hassle Factor Form - Payers may be completed online to report insurance administrative and claims processing concerns. The information provided will be used to assist the AAP and chapters in identifying trends and facilitating public and private sector advocacy related to health plans.

By collecting data on issues pediatricians have with third party payers, the AAP at the national and chapter levels will be better able to identify common areas of concern and facilitate dialogue with payers. Please complete one form per carrier.

>> Proceed to the online Hassle Factor Form to Report Payer Issues

Should you require additional assistance on a particular coding or health plan coverage issue, contact your chapter or the AAP Coding Hotline at AAP Coding Hotline.

Concerns with Retail-based Clinics (RBCs)

The online Hassle Factor Form – RBC may be completed online to report issues with retail-based clinics (RBCs). Issues reported to date by AAP members range from concerns regarding diagnoses or treatment regimens, lack of communication between the RBC and the primary care physician, visits to the primary care physician due to lack of confidence or appropriate outcome related to the visit to the RBC, and more.

The AAP would like to collect this information so it can gain a better understanding of the impact of RBCs on the medical home and act accordingly. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

>> Proceed to the online Hassle Factor Form - RBC to Report on RBC Issues

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