Electronic Health Records

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​Electronic Health Records

The AAP has a number of resources to guide pediatricians in the selection and implementation of an Electronic Medical Record.

Health Information Technology (HIT) Bulletin Board​
Health information technology resources and opportunities to support and improve applications of health IT to care for children and their families.

Child Health Informatics Center (CHIC)​
The AAP launched the Child Health Informatics Center in 2009 to support and prepare pediatricians for the many HIT-related changes taking place. The CHIC has developed a number of resources for members. ​

Additional Resources

​​Standards for Health Information Technology to Ensure Adolescent Privacy - AAP Policy Statement (November 2012)

Health Information Technology and the Medical Home​ - A​AP Policy Statement (May 2011)

Electronic Prescribing Systems in P​ediatrics: The Rationale and Functionality Requirements​ - AAP Policy Statement (June 2007)

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