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Practice Manager


Team Members and Sample Job Descriptions​​

The Practice Manager is the primary liaison between physicians, staff and patients, who is able to combine the qualities of management and leadership to lead the practice.​ 

Position Title:  Practice Manager

Reports To (Title):  Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Board of Directors



Essential Functions and Tasks:

Approx. % Of Time:

Function / Task:​

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​Supervisory Relationships

The practice administrator supervises all support personnel, appoints supervisors, and delegates authority and responsibility when and where need is indicated.​

Duties and Res​ponsibilities

  • Responsible for the maintenance of all professional standards and procedures as delineated by the Board of Directors
  • Continuously review all factors affecting the cost of administration and the operation of the clinic
  • Take necessary corrective action to keep costs commensurate with the clinic's objectives or recommend appropriate action to the governing body
  • Direct the program of benefits for clinic physicians and employees approved by the Board of Directors
  • Take all necessary and responsible precautions to protect clinic money and property against loss or waste through negligence or dishonesty
  • Present reports to the Board of Directors or requests from time to time on the various phases of clinic operation
  • Initiate reports to the Board of Directors setting forth recommendations on planning, policy, organization, control, and such other details of clinic operation that may be necessary or desirable for continuity in the organization

Administrative Services

  • Meet with nursing and laboratory supervisors to inform them of needs and developments and receive reports from them addressing the operation of their departments
  • Act as liaison with corporate attorney and certified public accountant to ensure appropriate laws and tax regulations are complied with
  • Maintain and update all employment contracts for employee physicians
  • Maintain appropriate malpractice insurance for members of the group
  • Maintain and compile statistics when necessary or on request by the Board of Directors
  • Assist in the orientation of new physicians by explaining office practice
  • Serve as the liaison and primary channel of communication for official communications between the Board of Directors and employees
  • Provide for such representation and involvement as is deemed appropriate and necessary in national, state, and local associations; planning agencies; consumer groups; prepaid health insurance companies; and related health agencies or groups.​

Facility ​Maintenance

  • Structure use of office space
  • Monitor the condition of the examination rooms and offices for cleanliness and state of repairs
  • Ensure that all equipment is maintained in good repair or is replaced as needed
  • Responsible to the Board of Directors for ensuring that adequate insurance coverage is maintained by the clinic to protect the corporation in the event of legal proceedings, fire, theft, and property damage


  • Conduct the financial operation of the clinic so as to meet all current operating expenses and provide for debt retirement, new equipment, and the maintenance of the clinic facilities.
  • Provide the Board of Directors with a monthly financial report
  • A profit-and-loss statement and balance sheet will be presented at the end of the physical year and as requested
  • Monitor fees for specific services and relationships to costs
  • Establish fee schedules to be approved by the Board of Directors
  • Responsible for employee and physician payroll
  • Responsible for physician and employee health and life insurance​

Profession​al Support Services

  • Assist and advise laboratory supervisor in developing laboratory technical protocols
  • State and Federal:
    1. Satisfy all state and federal regulations
    2. Interpret, implement and monitor periodic billing changes as mandated by various governmental programs​


  • Develop and refine patient information booklet
  • Determine patient reaction to and opinions of the clinic services and facilities
  • Represent the clinic in local, state, and national organizations relating to health care delivery, eg, Medical Group Management Association
  • Attend workshops to enhance management skills and stay abreast of changing technology as related to health care delivery

Other Support Services

  • Financial institutions
  • Maintain good communication and provide proper financial data to obtain loans or lease agreements​

Professional (related to clinic management)

  • Medical Group Management Association (local, state, and national)
  • Other clinic managers' informal discussions of problems and solutions
  • Read publications and periodicals created specifically for health care industry and general business
  • Relationship with individual clinic physicians
  • Establish rapport with individual physicians for free flow of information
  • Maintain relationships in a manner so that physicians feel comfortable in speaking to manager in confidence
  • Contribute to resolving interdepartmental and intra-departmental problems
  • Assist physicians in scheduling time to attend professional and educational meetings and ensure that the appropriate arrangements are made for accommodation, transportation, and registration where required. Assist physician in scheduling time off so that coverage for patients is always available
  • Responsible for physician schedule books and schedules​

Education Requirements

  • Minimum Bachelor's degree in related field
  • Master's degree in health care administration, business administration, or health administration preferred
  • Equivalent combination of education and experience​


  • Minimum of four years executive-level experience including at least two years of experience in the administration in a pediatric health care setting

Additional Requirements

  • Read, write, speak and understand English
  • Must have the ability to understand the goals of the practice and work to obtain these goals both independently and with the direction of Leadership.
  • Must make continuous efforts to stay current of any changes in the healthcare field that may impact the practice (including regulation changes and new technologies that may enhance practice operations)
  • Must have the ability to relate well to patients, physicians, employees, and other professionals
  • Must be dedicated to the vision and goals of the practice
  • Must have the ability to remain calm and exhibit tact in stressful and/or delicate situations
  • Must have the ability to handle confidential issues with discretion
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