Team Members and Sample Job Descriptions

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Team Members and Sample Job Descriptions


​Besides physicians and other providers, pediatric practices employ other staff to manage various functions. A list of common staff positions/job descriptions is provided.  

Creating Job Descriptions
Job descriptions are useful management tools that not only outline employee responsibilities but can also be used to assist in evaluations and promotions.

Practice Manager
A practice manager is the administrator who runs the pediatric office; often referred to as Practice Administrator and Healthcare Administrator.

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Billing Manager
The Billing Manager understands the medical billing process and has specific knowledge related to coding and collections as well as accounts receivable. 

Nurses plan, promote and provide medical care to patients and supports pediatricians and multidisciplinary team members. 

Patient Care Coordinator
Patient Care Coordinators are liaisons between patients, the pediatric practice, and insurance organizations. 

Medical Assistant (MA)
Medical Assistants perform routine clinical and administrative tasks to keep the office running smoothly. 

Front Desk Staff
The main roles of Front Desk Staff are to provide customer service and interact with patients/families, perform administrative duties such as answering telephones, schedule appointments, handle patient check-in/out, and collect payments. 

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