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​Professional contacts are excellent sources of information about vacant positions and career opportunities.

Residency director and faculty​​​

Contact the residency or training director and faculty at the institution where you trained. Many local pediatricians provide residency directors with job openings. A personal recommendation goes a long way. 


Others in the job search quest may hear of opportunities that don’t work for them. Former and present colleagues are a great resource. They may share leads on impending job openings before they are announced formally, which can also be reciprocated. Sharing that information with peers can establish future career connections. It’s smart. It’s collegial. And it’s the right thing to do.


Many hospitals, local health centers, and urgent care centers are building primary care networks and are looking for physicians to staff them. Consider contacting a hospital that delivers newborns to see if they have opportunities to cover the nursery and delivery room. Additionally, some hospitals hire hospitalists to care for newborns, inpatients, and patients in the emergency department. 

Local pediatricians 

Once a location is selected, get a list of the pediatricians in that area. This can be obtained from the AAP membership database. Contact them expressing interest in working for them. If they are not hiring, they may be aware of​ other colleagues who might be looking for an associate.​


Attend career fairs and events to meet physicians in the area. The AAP often hosts a virtual career fair in tandem with the National Conference and Exhibition in the fall, and the Pediatric Academic Societies meeting each spring.

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